Monday, April 07, 2014

Kelly Brook & Back To The Kansas City Grind

Kelly Brook brings us back to Monday morning in Kansas City as we check out some of the most important mainstream media links right now . . .

- New KCPD Tech And Date Effort: KC's Violent Crime Intelligence Squad launches over the weekend

- Cowtown Cash Seminar: Federal Reserve Bank kicks off Money Smart Month with ‘El Machete’

- Sunflower State Spy Tech: 'Drone' industry awaits legislation in Kansas

- Chiefs Call: Kansas City Chiefs Likely to Draft Receiver

- Afraid of LGBTQIA Firing: Equality Kansas lobbying against bill to end teacher tenure

- Be Royally Afraid: Mike Moustakas: Should Kansas City Royals Fans Worry?

- Show-Me Freezing Tribute: Community takes a dive for young cancer patient


This is the OPEN THREAD for right now and hopefully we'll have more stuff on the way soon . . .