Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kansas City School Board Progress Report

Recently, TKC ran into Joe Robertson interview VP of Kansas City Public Schools Crispin Rea at a local coffee shop.

Mr. Robertson looked surprised at first but then kindly revealed that he was working on a retrospective piece regarding Kansas City public schools.

And here it is:

Newspaper: It's been a wild ride for the Kansas City school board

It's a fair take on the KCPS that captures a few ups and downs but doesn't quite reflect the pessimism from most of the public regarding the institution that has taken one step forward and two steps back for the past 30+ years.

Now . . .


Test scores are still pretty much stagnant while the Board and the former Superintendent did a nice job in shutting down a bunch of buildings. But I'm not sure how much that progress means in real terms.

What's clear is that locals are still looking for other options and/or seeking yet another KCPS "renaissance" despite so many promises of improvement.


Anonymous said...

TKC Rea's media communication tool. How does nacho feel about your blatant racism and promotion of racist on your blog? Is black hatred an official plank of the Rea campaign platform?

P Bear said...

KCPS grade : F for FAILURE of epic scale.

Lost accreditation, few if any students graduate. Those who graduate can't read or write.

SW High rape while administrators were playing cards and grab ass. Cameras not placed where they cover halls, nooks and crannies.

The blotched handling of Westport High building.

No F is possibly too good a grade.

Perhaps a better grade would be : TF


P Bear said...

BTW.....9:50 drop down on your knees and let the Bear give you a long white dose of racism all over your fucking face !

Anonymous said...

The sad fact is that Joe Robertson could write just ONE story about the drama and "change" in the KCPS board and then publish the same story forever, just changing a few names and the dates.
Nothing ever changes because the district isn't about educating young people. It's about being a trough of taxpayer money for grifters and unqualified family and friends.
And platforms for comically unqualified kids like Crispin Rea to make his next beg political move in KCMO.
Why screw up a school district and not get paid when you can live on the taxpayers' dime and screw up an entire town?
In KCMO it's never about WHAT. It's always about WHO.
And the WHOs who get involved and elected and appointed are a clown show of the highest order.

Anonymous said...

Voters will let Rea know what they think about his tenure on the School Board when he counts votes next Spring in the city election. What a loser.

Anonymous said...

9:50 Your point is diminished by poor writing skills.

9:55 P Bear, nice emphatic points!

10:56 P Bear, unnecessary rude bear behavior.

11:17 Nice.

11:59 Realist.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the fail that KCPS represents, the state board and legislature have proven equally incapable of fixing anything. The primary goal is to break KCPS into small enough chunks that nobody will notice it anymore. Victory is almost at hand.

Anonymous said...

Rea said nothing in the article but the one thing the Star isn't reporting on is how lackluster Rea is. He raised $7300 in March. Must have made a real impression on all of these insiders he claims to have been on the phone with.

Anonymous said...

Didn't he announce at the end or midway through the qtr? Double or triple that number there blood sucker. I was going to try and call you out for working for one of the candidates in his race but if you're not able to estimate your opponents real capacity then you must just be an observer. Or an amateur. Take your pic?

Donovan said...

I would vote for Crispin over some East side grifter.

Anonymous said...

The children in the unaccredited schools know they are at the bottom of the food chain. They know no one cares enough to do anything about helping them have a decent education. How does that make them feel? ANGRY. So you have schools, unaccredited, full of angry kids. These are the kids in the gangs at the Plaza.

Every student deserves a good education but it seems that is and has been totally unattainable in KC, MO. Unaccredited. Not just poorly performing. UNACCREDITED. I see no one who is changing this. A travesty. An excellent public education should be the right of all of our children. Mayor James couldn't care less. Shameful. Embarrassing. Disgusting. NO excuse is good enough.

I think Kansas City has given up. I wish I knew the answer. I certainly don't. Where do we go from here. How do you do worse than UNACCREDITED? Kansas City is the bottom of the barrel.

Straighten Up & Fly Right said...

No matter how many dumb moves the school board makes and no matter how many superintendents the district has, there is no excuse for the "scholars" not to do their homework, graduate and be successful in life.