Friday, April 25, 2014

Kansas City Ruckus Vs. Crosby Kemper III

Early in the morning let's watch a video chat about this week in Kansas City . . . The brief moment of respite in between (betwixt???) horrific local shootings is worth savoring.


Take a look:

Topics on tonight's show include . . .

- The Kansas City Highway Sniper And Jewish Community Shooting Aftermath

Fun to see Crosby Kemper III blow off any concern about the impact of gun violence . . . Epiphenomenal, nice word. I can only wonder if the thought of it on the spot OR did a quick Google search before the show . . .

- KU Social Media Policy In The Aftermath of Rock Chalk Death Threats

- Rex Sinqufield (And Crosby) Bankrupting Kansas City?!?!

- And of course Roasts & Toasts are always great

All things considered it was fun to see everybody beat up on Crosby Kemper III because we know he doesn't get any pointed questions or comments from his friends or all those who cower in fear of him @ the Library.

Hopefully, more in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

Gwen Shit-skin, is at it again. Displaying her ignorance and lack of a cogent thought. She should be fired from this program and soon! The rest are interesting and intelligent people, with varying opinions. Great program about KC..

Anonymous said...

Shit skin!!? Really? I don't like her either, but WTF?

Anonymous said...

Gwen "Urban Snail Trail" Grant was at it again ? Oh yes. She was in rare "RACIST" regalia last night.

I listened to her for 30 seconds, got a ache in my stomach and had to shit for 20 minutes. One of those where you blow a reall short first turd, followed by a spray that included corn, green beans, chunks of meat, potatoes and a ice cream sandwich wrapper.

It sucked so bad I have to wipe with a garden hose spray off.

All due to FUCKUS RUKUS !

Anonymous said...

Welcome to RUCKUS, your weekly food for thought fight, with host Chef Mike Shanin.

KC's Violent Reputation?
Yael defends his column in which he claims the "sky is falling" and attempts to compare KC to Boston. As is his custom, Yael incorporates strange facial contortions, hand gestures, and sudden changes in the pitch of his voice, as if impersonating an
irate toddler auditioning for a commercial. Mary reports that she's been to "a city once or twice," including we remain off-topic! Mr. Shanin, time to crack the whip and herd these cats back to your original point. Leave it to Crosby Kemper
to not only stick to the subject, but to make multiple spot-on succinct points, correctly
addressing the fallacy of Yael's original assertion. Gwen veers back off-topic, and discusses her sightseeing customs when traveling to other cities.

Jayhawk Tweety Bird
Mary reports she doesn't know Fred Logan well, but she knows he's moved far right, and proceeds to bash Gov. Brownback. Again, Mr. Kemper speaks intelligently and homes in on the real question ..."the quality of the KU Journalism School." Yael admits that he is a major vacillator. Gwen says the word "subjective" three times in the space of 15 seconds.

Border War With Rex Sinquefield
Fast forward to the 12:45--14:15 section and watch the highlight of this program!
The three Liberals on the panel are apoplectic at hearing the TRUTH and begin the personal

Bloomberg Takes On NRA
Here we witness the three Liberals flipflop from their just completed attack on "rich-guy" Sinquefield, and try to justify the actions of "rich-guy" Bloomberg!! Nice juxtaposition Mr. Shanin! Mary detours to the JCC shooting, and falsely claims that Miller had an
assault's ok to lie when your arguing your side!

Gwen roasts East-side residents who failed to provide tips in the recent gas station shooting. Crosby toasts Literacy Kansas City, an adult literacy program. Yael roasts KS Gov. Brownback ....the Falling Star's favorite whipping boy. Mary toasts everyone who attended the recent JCC shooting memorial services. Mike roasts the Wyandotte County
Commission for "government of the Commission, by the Commission, and for the Commission."

Can we please start a petition to transform Ruckus into a discussion between Mike Shanin and Crosby Kemper will be called "Truth Talk."