Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kansas City Newsie Elite Week In Review

Top Kansas City newsies talk all of the important issues in town this week.

Take a look:

The busy week in politics starts with a pretty AWESOME WARNING FROM KICK-ASS HOST NICK HAINES that the show won't cover any Kansas City Zoo chimpanzee escape talk . . . However, the election week aftermath discussion still proved lively.

Topics of the chat included:

- HSS Sec. Katy Sebelius resignation and maybe coming back to Kansas

- School Board aftermath elections with requisite praise for Hickman Mills.

- A bit of talk about low voter turnout despite the fact that only this blog covered the issue during the week. Still, Garrett Haake had a good take on the topic.

- Talk of Bishop Tindall resignation but calling him a Rev. and not recognizing his cleric promotion. Still, this represents important talk on the topic after the news started among this blog community. Credit Stacey Cameron for going after Democratic Party cronyism as part of the local malaise which didn't confront this issue previously.

- Kansas City Highway Sniper Discussion

- More Missouri Right To Work Analysis

- Kansas Teacher Tenure Kaput

- Voiding local gun laws in the Sunflower State and OPEN CARRY AWESOME . . .

- And The Kansas City Film Office serves as the final act for the program.

Lots of great stuff and more than a bit of thoughtful Kansas City conversation and commentary from the locals who make the news.

More in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

What is with Nick Haines continuing to use discredited former TV 5 "reporter" Stacey Cameron on WiR?
Last time Haines included a person who was pushed out of a news outlet was Deann Smith, formerly of the Star.
Cameron couldn't cut it at KCTV5 which has the lowest professional standards in KC so Haines discredits WiR and the other panelists who are with legit news organization by having Cameron on his show.
True to form Cameron makes factual errors on a regular basis and you see panelists like Helling politely correct the error.

Anonymous said...

Helling "corrects" everybody who talks near him.

Anonymous said...

If Haines ever decides to actually have some standards on the station, he should start with replacing Gwen Grant on Ruckus.
And Cameron, and Wesson, and most of the rest.
If these folks are the KC media elite, KC has even bigger problems than TKC blogs about every day.

Anonymous said...

There should be no praise for Hickman Mills. This is all about the media not wanting to sound like they're criticizing John Sharp. If anything, Hickman Mills lost Tuesday by re-electing Bonnaye Mims even after her bio listed her as being a member of Freedom, Inc.

Anonymous said...


Begin at the 13 minute mark, and listen as Stacy Cameron speaks TRUTH which no one else wants to address.

Thank you Mr. Cameron!

Anonymous said...

It's better when they have Cameron and Haake on. They have the balls to speak truth and call out shady KC politics and shenanigans. Ruckus needs to take a que and get some different people beside the old crones they have on there.

Anonymous said...


When Nick Haines starts the discussion over Bishop Tindall being a convicted felon and serving in office for years, in violation of MO law, what do the two KC Star representatives present (Barb Shelly & Dave Helling) have to say? Excuses, and dancing around the issue!

Why hadn't the KC Star been highlighting this violation years ago and being the community's voice for fairness and the rule of law?

Only Mr. Cameron dared to truthfully address the obvious fact, that it's part of KC Democrat-machine politics. And he wasn't being a partisan, as he also criticized Republican hypocrisy on another issue.