Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jordan Carver And Kansas City Tuesday

Jordan Carver and her Springtime hotness attracts our attention along with these Kansas City mainstream media links . . .

- Losing Local (Ego) Trip: RNC staff to visit Kansas City on April 25

- Meth Town Blaze Today: Apt. fire in Independence injures 3

- Happy 140th B-Day To Kansas City Police: The Kansas City Missouri Police Department was incorporated April 15, 1874.

- Strange Danger In JoCo: Shawnee Mission school informs parents of suspicious gold SUV near middle school

- Posh Suburban Chase: Police search for theft suspect who fled on foot in Leawood neighborhood

- Tiger Redux: MU chancellor vows changes after assault report

- More Local Fear: KCPD investigates suspicious package on Blue Parkway

- Amateur Baseball Swag: T-Bones announce 2014 promotions and giveaways

- Newsflash? Most neighborhoods in south Kansas City, Grandview and Raytown will be sold Google Fiber

- Easter Egg Extravaganza @ Union Station For Your Rugrats

- Boner Pill Tour? Bob Dole to tour several Kansas towns

- Kansas City Tax Breaks For Po'Folk: Ease the pain of paying taxes with these tax day specials

Once again this is the OPEN THREAD for all things related to these links or off-topic . . .


P Bear said...

Makes me sick to my Polar Bear stomach that a d-bag like Eric Holder comes to KC just to pander his race card against whites. While the clown that shot those poor souls in OP gives good whites a bad name, everyone knows Holder is coming just so he can grab some cover from his racist policies at DOJ.

For the Attorney General of the United States to state that there is no such thing as Black on White Hate Crime should be considered criminal and he should be charged with a hate crime. That is totally racist from the get go.

Most White Americans hold absolutely "NO HATE" for black people. The Bear will rail against blacks that break the law, grift, and bilk the system so hard working people have to foot the bill.

The Bear will also rail on whites that do the same .

Ironic that blacks use the N-word constantly on themselves...yet if a white uses the word they are immediately branded a racist. Bullshit. While the Bear uses the N-word to bracket a criminal, GRIFTER element of the black race, in no way does the Bear consider all black people as N-'s. The Bear was raised during his younger years by a wonderful black lady who the Bear loved like his own mother. But that lady would roll over in her grave at some of the actions of certain members of the black race today.

This bullshit being forwarded by certain tampon wearing d-bags that suck up to anything black in a attempt to be politically correct can drop to their knees and worship the Bears giant icicle. Suck it like a snow cone. You can call the Bear a racist all day long, he could give a flying duck. The Bear calls a spade a spade. Politically correct is for $#)(%&$# 's /

Anonymous said...

+1 ^^^^^^

Anonymous said...

SOLID Bear, Solid.

Anonymous said...

Stupid bear, stupid.

Anonymous said...

+1 Bear

Anonymous said...

- 100 idiot bear and his racist opinions.

I see the coward took down his kkk avatar. Getting too hot for the bear and his racism is just about to end!

Anonymous said...

Bear stalker 6:59 you need a life

Jim Walters said...

@ 6:59 apparently your reading skills are lacking. I read the posting by the bear and there is absolutely nothing racist about his comment. In fact it is quite accurate. Maybe your the coward here or perhaps just a stupid person with little education.

Flint Lock said...

Bear sometimes you just get too damn smart. That education of yours don't get used much but when you go, you go all out. Many of us common hillbilly's think like you about that black Attorney General or whatever he is. He sure don't like white folk for sure. Thank the good Lord we only have him for 2 more years. By then there will be a bounty on us. You keep fighting bear, ol Flint knows your heart is pure.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Flint Locks Avatar! I spit beer and still laughing.