Friday, March 28, 2014

Squeezing Some Missouri Links This Morning

Check out some of the more important Missouri links and for even more deets on Show-Me political life . . . It's worth noting that every politico in the state wakes up with John Combest.

- Show-Me Politico Gamesmanship: Missouri Dems’ thin bench

- Bleeding Heart Barb Shelly Sheds A Tear For Another Manifestation Of Obamacare Opposed: Missouri Republican senators adamant about no Medicaid expansion

- Attacking Gov. Jay For Playing Politics With Public Safety: Missouri lawmaker speaks out against hold up of criminal code revision

- Camp KC touts: "Very exciting legislation to repeal and replace Missouri's ban on same sex marriage has been introduced by Rep. Mike Colona, Democrat, District 080 in St. Louis."

Photo babe: One of the many chesty hotties working cleavage @Mizzou Boobs


Anonymous said...

Didn't we already vote on this? How many more times will this come up, until the Dem's get their way?

Obamacon said...

How can someone who has no income pay $95.00 a month for Obama medicine ? If you don't pay you get fined $2,200.00. I smell a scam here. Should have known that a hood rat would con whitey.