Thursday, March 06, 2014

Newspaper Keeps Pushing Hopeless Rep. Paul Davis Gov. Over Brownback

Newspaper: Democratic gubernatorial candidate offers few specifics, but rips Brownback

AP Fact Check reveals that the during the biggest political uprising in Kansas, Rep. Paul Davis was nowhere to be found: Gay-rights group criticizes House Democrat’s tepid response to bill

It other words . . . Rep. Paul Davis doesn't really have the kind of political courage needed to take on GOP and even a divided group of Kansas Republicans. The greatest achievement of Rep. Davis so far is that he plays well @ JoCo cocktail parties and among The Kansas City Democrat elite.


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OMG! I can't believe we're allow to cuss this is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

What Kansas Democrat "elite"? That huge number of people would fit in a storage closet.

Anonymous said...

You neglect to mention the biggest thing Davis has going for him: He's not Brownback.

And there might be some advantage to not being a Republican, since so many rational Republicans (remember those?) They may not be in the news much, but they haven't all died) have been shown the door by what used to be their party but which has become nothing but a mob of drooling reactionaries and neo-fascist bible thumpers.

Anonymous said...

Democrat Elite?

Jumbo Shrimp?

Free Gift?

Military Intelligence?

Honest Polutician?

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What do you call Sam Brownback on a cattle ranch?

Oxy Moron!

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All hat and no cattle?

Anonymous said...

Prospective boyfriend.