Saturday, March 22, 2014

Kansas City Problematic Back-Sided Teacher Pensions Explained

Show-Me Blog explains how teacher pension systems prevent recruiting good veteran teachers and present a myriad of problems: "Missouri’s teacher pensions are great for teachers who stay for 25 to 30 years in a single pension system. For teachers who work less or more than that time in a single pension system, the current system is not so great. Indeed, those teachers are subsidizing the retirement of others."

For the record . . . We've long thought that TEACHERS DON'T MAKE ENOUGH MONEY and (while pension talk is mostly political) teacher's salary should better represent the law of supply and demand with incentives for better results.


Anonymous said...

How do you spell Ponzi ?

Anonymous said...

Punish the teachers that do the hardest work with the most difficult populations of people who have been marginalizes, mistreated, exploited and left behind by our economic system.

Brilliant plan, Patty Too-Too!

Nothing says FREE MARKET like paying the people who do the hard work less than the people who do the easy work.

Anonymous said...

Remember the vast majority of them became teachers for the right reasons: Summers off, 6-7hr. work days, and absolutely zero accountability.

Anonymous said...

That's right 1:18. Just because they have kicked God out of school and the family dynamics have disintegrated to the point of no return, this honored position has become just another thankless job (glorified babysitters). If it were not for 2 weeks off at Winter Break I would just quit.