Friday, March 21, 2014

Kansas City Friday Link Wave & Jordan Carver

Jordan Carver inspires this deluge of Kansas City mainstream media links for Friday. Check it:

- $10K Pay Raise Proposed: Kansas bill seeks to raise lawmakers' pay

- Golden Ghetto Hospital Blaze: Some patients evacuated after fire call at Shawnee Mission Medical Center

- Meth Town Nasty: Parents plead guilty to child endangerment after officers find ‘filthy home’

- Citadel Good News: KCMO Finds Less Contamination Than Expected During 63rd & Prospect Cleanup

- Homegrown Hacker: Kansas City man accused of attacking Philadelphia's computer system

- Sen. Claire Will Protect Us: McCaskill staff surveying colleges on assaults

- Big Talk But Now Building: Mission Gateway developer promises 'no more promises'

- From Kansas City's Man About Town . . . Hampton Stevens: Learning art from Austin

- Wordy Advice . . . Life Lessons From A KC Author

- Slow Leak . . . The @KCMOWater Dept’s overall quality of water services is a full 10% higher than other large U.S. cities on average.

- Pop Star Celebration: VIDEO: Demi Lovato brings KC girl on stage

- Lunch Link: Corner Bakery Cafe plans 10-location expansion in KC area

And one more time, this is the OPEN THREAD for all of these links and anything else off-topic . . .


Anonymous said...

Since this is an open thread, did anyone ever find out where the Holcaust denying Hitler lover David Irving is speaking?

Anonymous said...

I think the Corner Bakery Cafe. Atleast he'd be wise to stop there as their food is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Corner Cafe, way overpriced!

Anonymous said...

That "developer" looks like Howdy Fucking Doody!! What a gandy!

Anonymous said...

No, David Irving is having an intimate gathering at Niece's Chikn n'waffles. He will be explaining that Hitler had NO idea that Jewish folks were being killed, and when confronted with that knowledge, he killed himself in his bunker.

Anonymous said...

Real Tittys Please.

Anonymous said...

7:42 Never happened. He went to Argentina, USA gave him a free pass for the nuclear/ rocket scientist folks. Prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Kansas is fucked up. You get what you pay for. Legislators don't make shit. Why work hard for the people if you can make more from lobbyists?

Anonymous said...

Developers are gas bags. Mission is a tragic mess because of their promises and lies. Mission city hall is right up there with the Unified Government crooks. Get rid of them before you're taxed to death and your property values crash. Maybe they can build a race track down Johnson Dr. and the Legends II to save the day.

Check out the Maddox stories. He's an example of the UG in action - above the law and proud of it.

Abcnkc said...

No wonder 10% of respondents say KCMO Water Dept. is above average. The water givers have padded their yearly payroll with way to many deadbeats for to long. Some of the respondents//employees will type anything they are told to keep their jobs. But only if it doesn't take to much of their personal "work" time, and they are not required to come into any real contact with taxpayers.

There is not dought in my mind the long time KCMO WD employees take great secret pleasure in making a homeowner jump through hoops for months to complete a 20 minute on site repair..

I am not writing about u.

Anonymous said...

Ef the water department.

Anonymous said...

No, Fuck the water department. Sic auditor Schweich on it.

Anonymous said...

A raise for Kansas Legislators?

Teachers are among the most productive members of society. Their pay should be doubled.

Kansas legislators are drooling, dim-witted, right-wing hick busybodies. At $14,000 a year, they already are shamefully overpaid, considering the damage they do to the state of Kansas and its people.

They're giving themselves a fat raise? That's so typical.