Wednesday, March 05, 2014


There were a lot of big promises made regarding the City Hall website and none of them have been fulfilled so far.

TKC covered the promise of the new site along with the logo and so far KCMO.GOV severely disappoints.

- There are almost no RSS feeds that were promised.

- Information is harder to finds.


On the bright side, it does look very nice . . .

But worst of all . . .


Our blog community has been FIRST to identify this website fail that sadly persists and reveals that Mayor Sly's tech promises don't meet with expectations in the real world.

And it's really obvious that our Mayor is staying far away from this hot mess.

Check the presser:

City launches new website,

The City of Kansas City, Mo., has launched a new website at, replacing its old site, The new site sports a streamlined, modern look with iconic rotating photos of Kansas City, but the biggest change is a new, custom Google search bar.

Instead of going to a department and hunting for the best pull-down, users go to a big search bar in the middle of the main pages and literally “Google it,” typing in key words. The search works just like when you Google anything else, except it focuses on the City’s website, not the entire Internet. A list of search results will appear, and users choose which page they need.

The new site also is responsive—it changes shape for easy viewing on a phone, tablet or desktop computer.

The new website also relies on the City’s Open Data Catalog (, where information on everything from permits to potholes is shared with the public. The new site is powered by the free WordPress platform, making it the nation’s largest municipal open-source WordPress website. It was built nearly 100 percent from scratch, and launched at a fourth of the cost of the old site at significant savings to taxpayers now and in the future.

The new City website has been in a soft launch phase for a few weeks, and we’ve been making adjustments based on feedback.

If you don’t find what you need on the first try, you should slightly change your key words and hit search again. A short, humorous video on how to search for items can be viewed at Also, every page has a bar that asks, “Is there anything wrong with this page?” Users can click on that to relay problems or email

In developing the site, the City partnered with several local companies: Luminopolis for behind-the-scenes technical work and hosting arrangements, SingleWing Creative for design work and Eric Bowers for photography.


Anonymous said...

I like it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sly not only doesn't measure up or live in the real tech world. The whole gang at 12th and Oak lives in their own little make believe world where money just appears from nowhere, KCMO residents nod their heads and smile whenever they're lied to, and the whole job of governing the city consists solely of announcements, ribbon cuttings, and press releases.
The act is getting thin and the curtain is falling away.
Just wait for the real budget numbers and their impact on services to become clear.
Less code enforcement; more streetcar planning.
Nice choice!

Greedo said...

The streetcar will bankrupt kcmo. You heard it here first.

Anonymous said...

I think the site is a total hunk of shit. Find it hard to believe that would let something that bad go live.

Anonymous said...

Why the disbelief, 7:30? After all, we're talking about something designed by slack-jawed, don't-give-a-damn public employees for a slack-jawed, don't-give-a-damn public at the direction of jowled, bow-tied don't-give-a-damn public officials? It is actually of a much higher quality than should be expected from KCMO.

Anonymous said...

I guess as long as we don't have to subsidize to the tune of several million a year, it's okay.

Anonymous said...

Time to hire a consultant to figure out what SHOULD have been done, and then to give them a padded no-bid contract to implement the fix. Should rake about 3-5 yeas, dontcha think?

Anonymous said...

Sly is all about fooling the dumb shit majority of people left in KCMO! Unfortunately, I'm part of the minority who will have to pay for his bow tie-bullshit after he is long gone and finished traveling on our dime promoting himself!!!

Anonymous said...

The new website sucks. It is absolutely piss poor. Whoever led the redesign should be demoted. It is hard to access information via the new site. It is a total waste of time and resources. We deserve better.

Anonymous said...

Wait till the GOP says "No thanks", and Sly declares victory!! "We came close."

Anonymous said...

I give a fuck, and my voice will be heard loud and clear on April Fool's day at 1:30 pm on the second floor of the Jaco courthouse re sly James abuse of public trust with this streetcar bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I like watching paint dry so Sly's website is perfect!

Anonymous said...

It is a good thing the city is investing and spending resources for a kick ass web site rather than investing in basic services and infrastructure repair. Now I can go on line to complain about the potholes in my street and rather than having those potholes fixed, I can be told $$ was spent on this new complaint system. Brilliant!!!

Anonymous said...

At 3/5 at 8:51 pm - the site was done by an outside company not anyone at the city. Read the press release about the companies that did this.