Monday, March 31, 2014

Good Lorde: Kansas City 'Royals' Parody

Let's start the morning with this exceptionally optimistic dedication to the Kansas City Royals using that Lorde song Royals as a starting point that's soon to be picked up by every news station in KCMO but seen FIRST here on TKC.

Yes, the Kansas City Royals might be on track to do very well this year but it's only because everybody else in the division sucks.

Just a sample of the lyrics by John Leslie Long & Co . . .

Cuz you'll never beat the Royals

We're even better than we seem
We'll beat every other team
ooh ooh oh
Life is great at 'The K'
Winning every single game

We will be your rulers
Kings of the MLB
And baby we'll rule, we'll rule, we'll rule, we'll rule

Yeah, for 3rd place team in the worst division in baseball, that's not just a little boastful but maybe a bit much.

Still, this will be most of the "news" out there today.

More in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

Looks like another KC fag got a sponsor..

Bill Pecota said...

Just gay as the day is long.

Anonymous said...

first thing that game to my mind what GAY too. I hope that doesn't make me homophopic, i beat the shit out of women too!

a very humbled Bill Pecota said...

I apologize and would like to rescind my "gay as the day is long" comment.

I was having a difficult and trying morning and took it out on this poor youngster.

Upon further review it's actually not too bad, and he deserves some attaboys for actually creating something, instead of just consuming and farting the day away like most folks.

Anonymous said...

We create a different type of buzz? LMAO Yeah, embarrassing defeat. Nevermind.

Anonymous said...

Guess you couldn't have been more wrong. The kid was right!