Friday, March 21, 2014

Another Reason KCMO Politicos Hate Rex

AP @ Capitol Journal and local Democrat rage regarding an important reminder this town stays losing because of the earnings tax: "Some Kansas City leaders are reacting angrily to a series of television commercials urging Missouri businesses to move to Kansas because of lower income taxes, especially because the ads are the work of two groups tied to retired St. Louis investment mogul Rex Sinquefield."


Anonymous said...

Is it not time for Russ Johnson to just shut up and go away? He looks to pitch Sinquefield as a guy out to destroy Kansas City. But the truth is that Russ is a competitive guy who wants that honor all to himself.

Anonymous said...

No one moves their business to kansas unless the state give them taxpayer money if unheard of quantities.

Kansas has probably the worst reputation f any state in the nation due to tjs lunatic right wing leadership.

Literally no one would move there without corporate welfare and jocos proximity to kcmo.

Anonymous said...

If you think KCMO politicos hate Rex now, wait until the earnings tax comes up for voter renewal about the same time the real costs of the streetcar become public.