Wednesday, February 26, 2014


We've been a fan of Kansas City news dude Bill Tammeus for more than a bit.

We've been following the writing of this legendary news man for a while but even more so since he has stepped up his blog game . . . While there aren't any comments allowed, Bill Tammeus has shared his perspective on a faith-based approach to recent Plaza problems and even taken a stab @ our disgusting and uncivil discourse here @ TKC.

To wit . . .


All things considered, it looks like a really nice perspective on faith, good people and the niceness of flyover country. Take a peek:

New Tammeus book

Dear friends:

My next book is now out in print and e-version and I think it’s one you’ll want.

Woodstock: A Story of Middle Americans is rooted in my hometown of Woodstock, Ill., but it’s neither a memoir nor a book just about Woodstock exactly. Rather, it’s an attempt to help readers understand what people I call Middle Americans brought to this country in the wake of the so-called Greatest Generation.

Here’s a paragraph from the book about that:

"Middle America stretches geographically beyond the Midwest. It was and is, finally, a state of mind, a middle-class way of living that has more to do with industriousness than with wealth, more to do with an eagerness to learn than with advanced college degrees, more with an openness to possibilities than with the benefits of inheritance, with an ability to know we need to adapt and change than with a resolute determination to remain fixed in place. It has to do with a capacity for outrage when, finally, we have seen enough. It also has to do with being pragmatic, practical, optimistic, ethical, problem-solving, patriotic in a broad sense and not cynical. We were and are more open-hearted than open-minded, but at our best we are both."


Anonymous said...

Damn Quaker

Wu Tang said...

Who ?

The Reader said...

Bill used to write faith matters and now he doesn't matter.

Wu Tang said...

Wu write in fortune cookie.

Wu say: Byron SNITCH

Anonymous said...

Bill, get yourself a better PR guy; hanging with Colonel Slanders here is the kiss of death ok? It'll ruin your credibility.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Bill asked for this PR. I think TKC is just highlighting one of his heroes. Kinda shows how misguided TKC is in admiring such a liberal pantywaist.

Anonymous said...

Seems like just yesterday when we found ourselves singing along with Mr. Tammeus...."it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor.."

A point of fact before we begin, "a newsman legend"??? As our only experience with Mr. Tammeus' work at the Kansas City Star was in the capacity of a perhaps once a week religion reporter, unless mistaken, this would seem to be a gross exaggeration of his writing! My goodness, soon you'll be nominating Jenee O. for a Pulitzer Prize.

We linked to the January TKC article in which Mr. Tammeus did indeed make comments concerning the "disgusting" anything goes comments found here, and had a nice long chuckle envisioning Mr. Tammeus navigating through the bikini clad babes and reading each and every "disgusting" prurient comment!

As for his book, "Woodstock: A Story of Middle Americans" we'll be taking a pass on this tome. We immediately don't care for two glaring aspects present here. The use of the word "Woodstock" prominently in the title feels rather like a bait and switch scheme, as nearly everyone seeing that word will think of the 1969 music festival which drew half a million fans to New York. The other offense is to reminisce nostalgically once more about the Greatest Generation.....been there, done that!

Mister Rogers, we like YOUR make-believe trolley, but we don't need a real one here in Kansas City.

Westport Trucky said...

Sure it's a nice book to some but not my cup of tea I am sure.

chuck said...


Dead on the money

Anonymous said...

Good grief, that paragraph is a snore! Kind of like every column Bill Tammeus ever wrote.

And his faith-based approach to the Plaza riots is just a blind refusal to admit what the real problem is. He better stay in a safe suburb - I don't think he'd last long on the wrong Saturday night on the Plaza.

alonzo ma bitch said...

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