Friday, February 28, 2014


From our Missouri leader who has rediscovered his Democratic Party roots, enters the culture war and really seems to be thinking about a national run for higher office: Missouri's Nixon: end gay discrimination, don't condone


Ernest Evans said...

As a registered Democrat I am delighted that Gov. Nixon has rediscovered the Democratic Party. But, in connection with this "rediscovery", one quick question addressed to all members of the local political class: In the past month in the KC Star there have been, by my count, about 30 op-ed and editorials on gay rights--and no op-eds and editorials on the war in Afghanistan--where several tens of thousands of US men and women are serving and in some cases dying. Now, I readily accept the fact that gay rights is a major issue--but exactly what is so important about this issue at this time that deserves this saturation coverage in the local and national media? Why, in other words, in the past few weeks has the local and national media been obsessed with gay rights? In the words of a song from my misspent youth: "Something strange is happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear." Take care!! Sincerely and Respectfully, Ernest Evans

Anonymous said...

You start talking about the war budget and you'll lose all your funding.

Anonymous said...

The gays know that a victory without popular support is not enough. That is why they have moved into the public shaming if you don't "celebrate" homosexuality. It isn't enough to merely tolerate or to expect that people's private lives are private. We now must give them the sex equivalent of participation trophies.

And yes, Dr. Evans, we are heading to the endgame in the war in Afganistan. And the uncomfortable truth is aside from stringing up OBL, we lost. A dozen years of war and nothing to show for it.