Saturday, February 08, 2014

No More No-Fault Divorce In Kansas?!?!

CJ Online reports that politico are intentionally trying to make life harder for their constituents who already made the mistake of trusting in an outdated institution: Kansas bill would abolish no-fault divorce


Anonymous said...

Forcing morals by political fiat does make one wonder what is the matter with Kansas.

Anonymous said...

Fucking Christian bigots turning Kansas into Afghanistan. In civilized countries, the national government moves in and takes over when a state or province's leaders run amok.We need martial law and federal rule. Decertify statehood.

Anonymous said...

Thank Goodness Governor Brownback and the Christian members of the Kansas Legislature are doing what they can to restore strong families who follow God's laws.

While they may not win every battle, at least they are on the right road.

Remember, if the ACLU is against something, that's another reason to be for it.

Anonymous said...

Christian Dominionism is a dangerous thing.