Monday, February 24, 2014

Nina Agdal's New Wet T-shirt Fish Burger Advert And The Kansas City Link Pool!!!

Nina Agdal slips into a wet t-shirt to pitch the latest fishy Catholic attraction @ Burger King and we've compiled all of the recent important Kansas City mainstream media links.

- Kansas City Biz Journal Celebrates Local Latino Biz: El futuro es hoy

- Putting Tragedy To Rest: Services set for slain 10-year-old Missouri girl

- Just Now: Whiteman says airman found dead at home

- Thanks For Sunflower State Discrimination Attempt: Calls go out to Kansans on religious freedom bill

- More Pop-Up Club Problems: Shooting reported at illegal night club in Kansas City

- Kansas City Slice Of Life: Man suffers life-threatening injuries in stabbing

- Show-Me The Call To End Doggie Profiling: Fighting for to end dog breed discrimination

- Sound Of This Town: Going To Kansas City: 6 Songs That Celebrate The City As A Destination

- Dead Tree Reality TV Celebration: Spoiler alert: 'The Bachelor' picks Oklahoma Joe's Bar-B-Que

- Show-Me Silly Coverage: Missouri woman faces legal trouble for botched sale of monkey in Colorado

- New Hangout: Kansas City Hotdog Emporium & Coffee Shop opens downtown

- Snapping The Fire Alarm Myth Or Maybe Just Good Luck: KCMO fire survivors credit popping and crackling sounds for saving their lives

As always, this is the OPEN THREAD for the evening for all topics off-and otherwise . . .


Anonymous said...

Did you say MINKEY?

Anonymous said...

Hey cum guy! Do you eat fish?

Anonymous said...

Byron is a CRYBABY ! He threatens people with harm then runs to Tony when he gets slapped back. What a little girl!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you people are silly, I like Byron and I like to see him get slapped around. It's all good. Keep it up bitches.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Byron, crybaby banner

Anonymous said...

Here is some of the shit Byron throws out and then gets Flint, Pootie and Polar Bear kicked off TKC. Chicken shit fuck.

Byron Funkhouser said...
The reason Flint Lock doesn't use his real name is because he's a registered sex offender. His mother/sister caught him having sex with his sister/aunt & in a jealous rage his father/brother called the police.

2/23/14, 1:38 PM

Funkhouser.....relics of a bygone past said...

Byron is a insane, inbred,ignorant black sheep of a family of ass hats. I don't even listen to his snivels.

Anonymous said...

9:11 Byron is just a snitch.