Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kansas City Sunday Loose Ends!!!

Tonight let's cover some of the long-standing issues in Kansas City before we start working on new stuff for Monday morning.

To wit . . .

Take a look at some of the best TKC comments sent our way and still worthy of consideration.

Check it:


The "vapor" coming off the e-cigs is not just air. It is vapor containing that have mass. The vapor contains water and other particulates. Effluents, they're called. Those particles hover in the air, can be smelled by others nearby, get into eyes and under contact lenses, and inhaled into lungs. We know some volume of vapor irritates eyes of contact wearers. We do not know for sure what else happens when the particulates are inhaled. And the particulates can take almost any composition because any liquid can be put into those vaporizers. Other people's rights stop when they put unnecessary junk into the air in the same small space where I breathe


Everyone seems to have overlooked something, The new taxing districts will have to have and pay a lease agreement with the downtown district to use the maintenance barn for the street cars repairs and the street cars themselves as they are being paid for by the taxing district that stops at Crown Center. It is unlawful for one taxing district to provide equipment or services paid for by taxpayers in a different district. Hello, that's like sending the fire trucks up to Gladstone to use for the week.


What a fucking joke.

A KC Councilman uses City-owned property to expose his wiener to a woman, pays out a $15k bribe for a sham event trying to cover it up, gets caught doing all of it and nothing.

But the Mayor of a two-bit, crime infested suburb fudges a couple of expense accounts for a few fast food meals and shopping trips at discount stores, and the FBI is all over it.

Gawd, has it really come to this?


I am a disc golfer who frequents Swope Park. I suggest the Urban core partner with the Kansas city flying disc club and start an initiative to teach inner city youth how to play disc golf. It is not a segregated sport and it is enjoyed by many. I know the club would welcome any and all to learn, especially it's courses neighbors.

All of these comments are worthy of consideration even if they were filed on posts already off the front page.

Anyhoo . . . Think on these subjects while we get prepare more BREAKING/EXCLUSIVE NEWS, discussion, debate, discourse and all kinds of good stuff in just a few . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

Disagree with 2/4 but some of them make a good point. Especially about all of the hypocrisy of KCMO.

What a wasted city.

Anonymous said...

Save our city!

The Man said...

You want to save the city?

Start voting and throw these bums out

If you don't do that, better to just save yourself and watch the circus from your favorite suburb.

Wu Tang said...

Ck be.....h-i-s-t-o-r-y......ahhh-so

Anonymous said...

Already done 8:05
or in Byrons case 600 miles away.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony, if Ollie Gates and his City Hall boyz liked disc golf, then you would suck eggs like us white boys who quit coming there for a tee time while the homeys got pushed to the front.


Anonymous said...

Fuck Swope Park. Who go's there? It's a death trap!

Anonymous said...

Well when they bust a suburban mayor for a crime that happens everyday by non mayors,and for sure CEO's of many companies that reside in the KC area, it takes attention off the CAPITOL of CRIME which is them and the Government of Kansas City.

As citizens, you let your elected officials get by with so much shit that never will benefit you or your family, and last I knew they are supposed to be public servants (and no pun intended with a black mayor and a few black council members) how have they served you?
I am guessing you really dont pay all that much attention, because if you did it wouldnt be this way!!!

Anonymous said...

8:56 you are kinda right, I dont agree with the whole "black" comment you made, but the fact is, citizens are stupid, they are the first to bitch and the last to take action and do anything about it!

Anonymous said...

The Streetcar braintrust should be asked that if they intended to have a city wide system, why organize it for a small berg, rather than a whole city.... or did they do it this way because it had a better chance of passage... and so they'd deal with the jurisdictional issues later?

Pretty sneaky, huh? So they voted yes because they knew the whole city would eventually foot the bill?

Anonymous said...

Honestly, get a life Tony. Really.

Anonymous said...

Here's one you probably missed, because no one in the, uh, news business, wants to keep the public informed. They're only about entertainment anymore.

President Obama has ordered drone strikes in Pakistan 318 times (as of latest available data). Of those killed, an estimated 400 to 900 were civilians, and nearly 200 were children. This is not Iraq or Afghanistan where we've been for over 10 years already.

Did you know that under current rules of operation, a drone attack can be launched without any human intelligence on the ground confirming the target? If you've identified a cell phone you believe is being used by a target, you can bomb the target, even though suspects will commonly use a phone briefly and then give it away or discard it.

Most Americans don't care that innocent people around the world are being killed by our government routinely. Give me my TV and bread three times a day, and you can do whatever you want Mr. President.

Anonymous said...

11:11 Thats bullshit ! Most Americans absolutely care. It's the media that want's to keep there jobs that don't care.

Anonymous said...

White Knight meltdown!!! Again!!!

EC said...


Anonymous said...

Swope Park has been ruined by Ollie Gates and his band of niggers. "May I help you please"? My ass. Nig Nog Country Club of the spooks. I would play golf in the street before I would play that snake pit. Fuck Swope Park and the niggers that have ruined it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with " SUCK MY BALLS"

Anonymous said...

The KC Councilman is a nigger, the Mayor of the small town, a human. Guess who loses?

Anonymous said...

Jeez, I guess we need the Klan's take on events judging from 5:45's and 6:49's comments. Thanks, I'd somehow forgotten the white-power, skinhead take on everything. On a separate note, disc golf? Really? There's a sport that's been waiting 30+ years to take off. Don't think it's going to happen boys.

Anonymous said...

The downtown streetcar TDD goes away and gets replaced with the new one.


How bout, "KC is too spread out". That one's easy.

Anonymous said...

swope park golf course rocks! I'm white and play there weekly.
8:41 and 8:51 obviously haven't been there in 15 years. They are internet retard trolls.

Anonymous said...

Swope Park is fucking great. I feel sorry for people who are scared to go there. What a sad life it must be to be scared of everything.

We live in the safest era in human history, yet we have more pussies who are frightened to peek out their front doors than ever. Enjoy your safe future of agoraphobia, internet "friendships", heart disease, cancer and morbid obesity.