Monday, February 24, 2014

Critical Acclaim For Kansas City Rapper Tech N9ne Truman High Anti-Bullying Video

Tech N9ne offers a bit of human interest concern in his latest clip that highlights a local high school.

Even KCTV5 celebrates the story: In just one week, more than 500,000 people have watched a music video that stars local artist Tech N9Ne and Kansas City high school students.

Take a look:

It's a bit sentimental for the TKC crowd but offers a nice look of a Kansas City artist taking his game to the next level. The song debuted in the Top 40.

Tech N9ne - Fragile (ft. Kendrick Lamar, ¡MAYDAY! & Kendall Morgan) - Director's Cut


Anonymous said...

Tony you need to explain why you are deleting comments. You deleted several today. WHY ?

Anonymous said...

Love Tech N9ne

jodi hi roller said...

great message! we need more artists! its hard, but respect the gift, no matter what the haters say! thanks tech n9ne!

Got one of the hardest flows, can give you that flawless show!

Anonymous said...

Was really liking this video...until Tech9ne showed up and ruined the nice mellow flow.

Westport Trucky said...

What Top 40?

The album Something Else debuted the Billboard 200 chart the week of 8/17/13 at number 4. The following week it had dropped to 14 and the week after that it started it's drop downward very fast. The song Fragile itself never made it as a Top 40 anything so far and doubt at this point it will.

Tony if you're going to give these people exposer you might at least print actual facts and not hype. As well, in todays music world really isn't really that hard to get on the charts due to the limited music being released.

Now Tech N9ne did have one Top 40 chart listing under "Rhythmic Songs" for Here Comes Tecca Nina off his 4th album Absolute Power for 2 weeks.

His video has been viewed 600k plus times not by that many people. I am sure some are playing it non stop so yes that will rack up a few numbers.

Facts just the facts please and the real facts. Leave the BS and media hype to Fox 4.

Anonymous said...

9:24, Blogger eats comments all the time. I swear I have had some good ones ready to make and the Blogger fucks me. So I doubt was Tony.

Anonymous said...

Westport dude does better music reviews than Tony

Anonymous said...

Fuck Tech9, his lyrics suck

Anonymous said...

This nigger is a non-event. Less than ten comments. Hey, nobody gives a shit about this nigger.

Brenna Cervantes said...

Wow you people are n9ne sucks really thats wjy hes the number one independent in the country. And racial name slurs really? And on an antibully message. Im sorry for you and anyone who associates with someone as low as you.....and if you want to really state an opinion dont be scared to state it instead of remain n9ne is one of the greatest rappers ALIVE.