Tuesday, February 11, 2014

All Of Today's Kansas City Airport Buzz!!!

The KICK-ASS COVERAGE of TKC TIPSTERS inspired buzzing around airport committee meetings today.

Here's a round-up that's not quite as exciting as our bloggy journalism:

- MUST READ!!! No Obamacash For The Single-Terminal Scheme: FAA tells KCI board: Don't expect agency to pay for project

- Today's Study That You Guys Already Discussed: KCI compares favorably to peer airports and can add to revenues, report says

- Steve Paul Gets Artsy With His Coverage: Advisory panel meeting has odd and revealing moments about KC airport's possible future

- Yael Opines And Kinda Equivocates: Many love KCI, but new single terminal not dead yet

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

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Minutes of the previous meeting were voted on and approved 4-0.

Dan Coffey gave a report on the continuing struggle of the conservative white heterosexual male against the liberal/gay/lesbian/Obamacare/non-white/feminist/immigrant invaders occupying Brookside. Sash Ehern made a motion to build an Ark so they could all sail to the promised land of Leawood. Coffey seconded. John Murphy opposed the motion stating the Ark would be too noisy, would attract “animals from East of Troost,” and would undermine the automobile and the Koch Brothers Pipeline industry. Motion was withdrawn.

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Patrick Touhey reminded the group that their IP addresses can be traced. Wink, wink, nod, nod.

The meeting was adjourned.

Anonymous said...

Very creative Russ.

Pootie Tang said...

Da damn single terminal and da Toy Choo Choo be wayz to backs the Brinks money hauler up to da Chamber of Robbers and da crackers that pull the puppets mayor ass. Dey da only motherfuckers gonna makes out like that cracker Robin Hoodz.

Pootie Tang said...

What da fuck.....4:07 I'z just reads youz post. IP trace ? I'z heardz aboutz dat on god's dayz.

Anonymous said...

A large chunk of the money generated at the airport comes from parking fees, and that's not going to increase unless the rates do, which you can do with the existing structures.
And it's really comical that the consultants who are paid by the airport expansion supporters thinks he can tell the airlines what they really want and need.
VanLoh's cluelessness and arrogance has made this a fiasco right out of the gate and it hasn't gotten any better with time.
What's the raionale this week?

Anonymous said...

KCI Needs a VIP Salad Bar!

Anonymous said...

I always chose my destinations based on airport food.