Wednesday, February 19, 2014

After All These Years Is There Still A Chance To Turn Around Kansas City Public Schools?!?!

In the aftermath of the Missouri Education officials punting on any significant change for Kansas City Public Schools . . . It seems the lesson here is that playing for time can sometime works.

But here's the real question:



- Persistent violence still plagues many schools within the district.

- Test score improvements were slight but still encouraging.

- School Transfers excitement from parents seems to speak to level of frustration among some parents that was discounted in the mainstream media.

Still, the consensus seems to be that the KCPS will soon return to provisional accreditation which is pretty much the same place they started the current reform movement.


Northeast News: DESE offers intervention, support for struggling school districts

KSHB: DESE plan buys time for KCPS

KMBC: State has no immediate plan to take over KC Public Schools

KCTV5: MO education officials look at major changes to troubled districts


Anonymous said...

Things might turn around in another 30 years.

Anonymous said...

Those of us in the suburbs are praying that they keep them in KCMO.

The ones who have made their way out here are disruptive, rude, waaaaaay behind academically and take a disproportionate amount of teachers' time. And those are kind words.

Anonymous said...

Not a chance ! It's been a shit hole for the last 30 years.

Westport Trucky said...

Put out an amber alert about it. There that should solve it and get all the assholes who think they solve everything off their butts to do something.

Anonymous said...

Answer: Nope

Anonymous said...

Kansas City, Missouri School Systems are broken and cannot be fixed... in other words, its dead. #rip

Anonymous said...

After All These Years Is There Still A Chance To Turn Around Kansas City Public Schools?!?

Yes, if you change the demographics. With the current demographics of this school district, it will not improve in any meaningful way.

Anonymous said...

If it is still full of black "students" who have black "parents" it will not turn around. Name me one thing run by black people that is successful.

Anonymous said...

Here we go! Another decade of tolerance for a worthless school district, more money down the hole, property owners being robbed and in the end little to nothing. My BULLSHIT meter is about to break

Anonymous said...

Citadel Plaza. They took $24 million and turned it into a contaminated worthless cow field.
Now THAT'S a real accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

Just like everyone else here in the burbs, how much should we write the check for to keep the animals contained from 10th street to 65th? (Sorry Brookside and Waldo liberals - you made a bad choice)

Anonymous said...

You'd have better luck nailing jello to a wall than saving the KCPSD.