Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Surprise Grandview Mayoral Resignation Still Sending Shockwaves Through Suburb

The suburban political nightmare continues to play out on the local news . . .

The latest:

Four of the six aldermen in Grandview were questioned by the FBI, not just the two directly involved w/ the charity.

The deets . . .

KSHB: The FBI contacted four Grandview aldermen last year with questions about a charity run by the city's former mayor, those aldermen told Garrett Haake of 41 Action News Tuesday night.

This one is exceptionally important if only to prove that KCMO isn't the only municipality where talk of investigation from the Feds dominates the political discourse.


Surprise resignation prompts special election for mayor in April in


Anonymous said...

Now we're getting some of the real shit about the mayor of Grandview. Keep posting on it, Tony. You are the only one that we'll hear the truth from.
The TV stations are only interested in talking about the fucking weather every two seconds.

Anonymous said...

Grandview was a shit hole when i lived there in the 60's and i guess still is