Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rosie Jones And Kansas City Links Tonight

Rosie Jones and her hottie friends inspire this collection of Kansas City mainstream media links . . .

- Toy Train Aftermath: What's the rush on KC's streetcar expansion? . . . Kansas City Streetcar Expansion Will Likely Be Up To Voters

- Cowtown Telcom Buyout: Could T-Mobile end up buying Sprint?

- Keep Nasty Local Rugrats Away From Everybody Else: Schools tell parents to keep sick students home

- Payout Lesson: Liberty district to pay nearly $1 million to ex-superintendent

- Highway News: Massive transformer move will close Northland interstates

- Sleaze Summit Abandonment: Student with disabilities left on bus

- Human Interest Report: KC girls reunited with firefighters, EMTs who saved them

- Lesson In High Class Buckling: Pembroke Hill installing seat belts and policy on school buses

- Kansas City Advocacy Aftermath: Grieving family takes fire safety message door to door

- Golden Ghetto Charges: Wife convicted of attempting to kill her husband in Shawnee

As always, this is one more OPEN THREAD for this evening . . . Shout out to the Professor.


Anonymous said...

When Mayor Sly James announced Kansas City’s streetcar vehicle order with Spanish rail firm CAF in October, he said the vehicles would be “manufactured in the U.S., up in Elmira, N.Y., by an American workforce.”

On Jan. 7, the Kansas City Business Journal reported that a large amount of the streetcar’s components will be manufactured by a Spanish workforce at various CAF facilities in Spain.

What gives?

Anonymous said...

He lied. Bent the truth, etc.

Anonymous said...

United States Streetcars cost more than twice as much as Foreign streetcars they imitate (and more than ten times as much as buses); they don’t go as fast; they are full of defects; and the manufacturers’ warranty seems to make city taxpayers liable for those defects. Such a deal. Oh, but I forgot: it creates jobs, so it’s all okay.

Anonymous said...

Rosie Jones is showing no defects today. Thank you Tony and God Bless TKC!

Anonymous said...

the vehicle meets a certain percentage of US production and that's all that's needed.

we're building to standard gauge rail and the only US manufacturer doesn't build for that gauge today. it means wider turns but it has a future benefit

today the govt blocks trains from crossing between FRA (intercity and commuter rail) and FTA (urban) rail systems. but imagine if that changes and someday you can hop on a train along an urban corridor and ride it all the way to the airport without needing to build new rail all the way or change systems. with so many miles of rail in KC we could save billions.