Friday, January 17, 2014

Lucy Collett And The Kansas City Morning

Lucy Collett in her ginger bikini curves inspire this collection of Kansas City mainstream media links to start the morning . . .

- The Latest Kansas City Murder Memorial: Vigil honors man killed in KC drive-by shooting

- Dead Tree Media Flag Reporting: Old Glory is in the dark, but not for long

- One More Power Play Across The Ridge: Massive transformer successfully moved to Northland substation

- Kansas Special Ed. Link: Push for autism insurance reform in Kan.

- Show-Me Hard And Nasty Jail Time For Pervs: Emails point to internal struggles at Missouri's lockup for sex predators

- Local Murder Consequences: KC man accused of fatally shooting another man in July

- Golden Ghetto Foodie Scam: Restaurant owner falls victim to phone scam

- Forever Tax Attraction: Popular penguins help Kansas City Zoo reach record

- Suburbanite Tragedy: Merriam police investigating 3-year-old girl's death

- Helling Offers Weed High Hopes: Politicians may soon have to take marijuana legalization seriously

As always, this is just the first OPEN THREAD for today and for all off-topic goodness . . .


Anonymous said...

Tony let's get the teacher's take on this: NKC school goes to year round calendar! Great news.. finally someone is doing it.

Remember.. it's about the children, right?

Anonymous said...

Don't spam. Nobody cares about NKC. Especially those who live in NKC.

Anonymous said...

Look here, another totally useless fucking vigil. What morons they must be..

Anonymous said...

True dat.