Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Kansas City Democrats Love Ken Duvall!!!

TKC NOTE: Not a clue who this guy is but what's notable about him and what I've included in this presser excpert is that all of the Kansas City Democrat politicos seems to support him against his GOP competition on the outskirts of the city. 

Check it:


Early endorsements from elected officials, community leaders for moderate Duvall pave way for close competition against controversial incumbent

Lee’s Summit, MO – Today local attorney Ken Duvall announced his candidacy for State Representative in Missouri’s 35th House District as a Democrat with a wide array of endorsements.

“I’m proud to have received such a tremendous amount of early support,” said Duvall. “Missouri’s 35th District is facing some serious challenges—we need leadership that promotes job growth and government efficiency and quality education, leadership that transcends bitter, needless partisan division. I am looking forward to listening to the many, diverse voices of my neighbors in Missouri’s 35th district and am ready to provide a type of leadership that does not care about Republican or Democrat.”

“I have been very fortunate in the jobs I have had as an attorney,” said Duvall, “both at the Missouri Court of Appeals under Judge Alok Ahuja, who was appointed by Republican Governor Matt Blunt , and at my current job at Berkowitz Oliver with some of the area’s finest attorneys.”

Duvall has received the endorsements of elected officials and business and community leaders such as Hon. Gail McCann Beatty, Hon. Jeremy LaFaver, Hon. John Mayfield, Hon. Tom McDonald, Hon. Kevin McManus, Hon. Judy Morgan, Hon. Jean Peters Baker, Hon. John Rizzo, Hon. Theresa Garza Ruiz, Hon. Joe Runions, Hon. Jay Swearingen, Hon. Crystal Williams, and Garry Kemp, former Business Manager for the Greater Kansas City Building and Construction Trades Council . . .

Read the presser in its entirety right here . . .


Anonymous said...

What does he think of unsolicited bulk email?

Anonymous said...

Yes, there's nothing like being endorsed by the same folks who make up a tiny minority of the Missouri legiislature to carry you over the top in an election.
Has he made any mention of WHAT he'd like to at least try to do if somehow he won?

Anonymous said...

I'll vote for him. He's a babe.
I always vote for the hottest looking guy.

Anonymous said...

Ah,yes, endorsed by the Hon. Jeremy LaFaver.

Anonymous said...

Another attorney.

Legal Eagles slurp cock.... said... stated by 8:25.....another fucking attorney. Emphasis on "fucking".

Preston Lovelypants said...

Who is this Ken Duvall guy? I like the cut of his jib!