Monday, January 06, 2014


This is a not-so-wonderful time of year when weather substitutes for news and here's the round-up of content that doesn't just describe cold weather . . .


Check it:

KMBC: Coldest air in a generation set to hit KC

KCTV5: KCTV5: Area school closings and delays

KSHB: Bitter cold front hits Kansas, Missouri

KMBC: Snow, deep freeze prompts closings, cancellations

Channel 9: Dangerously cold temperatures and wind chills sweep into KC

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of total bullshit. "Life-threatening", my ass.
I was just outside. There is no wind chill because there is no wind. It's January. It gets cold in January. Wear a fucking coat, gloves and hat. Didn't we learn this in first grade?
These weather people are a bunch of alarmist idiots, justifying their high paying jobs.

Anonymous said...

5:14 is right hell when I was a kid we never was out of school due to it being to cold. People anymore a bunch of complaining pussies.

Anonymous said... in kissimee

Anonymous said...

As I write this, it is 10 below.

Coldest in a generation? Maybe if you have a very short memory. According to the Channel 4 weather almanac, it was 12 below on Feb. 3, 2011.

Don't know about you, but three years seems to be a mighty short generation.

Now I don't want to discount 10 below. That's cold, and even dangerously cold which is why it's a good idea to call off school and not make the kids walk to school or to bus stops and wait, regardless how well you bundle them up.

But 10 below speaks for itself. It doesn't need the false "coldest in a generation" hype.

Anonymous said...

5:23: Did you actually learn anything school? Like the difference between "to" and "too?"

Anonymous said...

Right, 5:14. I'm going to take advice on how to survive winter weather from an idiot who went outside at 5 a.m. when it was 10 below.

Anonymous said...

Some people have to go to work. Remember what that is you lazy ass? Some people have to go outside and earn a living even when it is "LIFE-THREATENING" !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah. So you were going to work at 5 a.m., and immediately logged onto TKC to comment how not cold it is, as long as you wear a coat, hat and gloves.

Sorry, but if you think 10 below isn't dangerous, try standing out there for longer than it takes to walk to and from your car.

Anonymous said...

Another day in the TKC workhouse!

Anonymous said...

7:54 did you go to school to learn how to work or do you just sit at home and fuck with those who know something. You must be a pussie and so you had to whine about a dropped O.

Anonymous said...

Real talk