Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Tonight, take a quick look at this list of people and trends that have helped shape Kansas City this year.

To wit . . .


Some of these trends are good, others not so much . . . What's more important is that they made a difference in 2013.

Check the list:

Increased KCPD Community Outreach

More than ever, KCPD has sought to reach out to locals and neighborhoods in order to garner an increased public participation in the effort to curb local crime. While the murder count is down just a tad this year, what's more impressive is that even the most strident skeptic can't help but acknowledge that KCPD has made an notable and commendable effort to reach out to the public. From helicopter tweet-alongs to community forums . . . KCPD stepped up their game this year and local neighborhoods are thankful and hope the trend will continue.

Kansas City Public School Transfer Exodus

Like it or not, the push to leave the KCPS behind defined this year in Kansas City education. We'll stipulate a few small victories but overall . . . School Transfers seem to be the death rattle of urban core education.

Garden City, MO Chief Thomas Alber

Chief Alber is a very specific example of social media trendsetting in the Kansas City area. He's easy to find on facebook and other forums and his community outreach leadership will hopefully continue to influence more locals to get involved with their neighborhoods and towns. Normally, we don't buy into the idea of regionalism but this nearby law enforcement dude is inspiring and we look for more participation in KCMO from the Chief next year.

Anti-Crime Activist Alonzo Washington

Social media independence has made Alonzo Washington stronger than ever. This entrepreneur, artist and activist works as the most strident voice against local crime and nothing he's nothing less than the conscience of KCMO.

Kansas City Power Broker Mike Burke

Mike Burke has an extensive list of contacts in Kansas City that makes him nearly as knowledgeable as God.

More than anybody, Mike Burke stands at the apex of business, eco-devo, art and technology in Kansas City.

Like it or not, Mr. Burke is actually more influential after losing the Mayoral race and this year he helped shape the discourse among Kansas City's elite.

Kansas City Toy Train Profiteers

This year "advocates" of the toy train turned their efforts into cold, hard cash. Shady biz deals and close associations helped to earn this crew some pretty sweet gigs under the guise of transit concern and in service of powering their consulting contracts . . . Sadly, this trend took place without any reporting from mainstream media.

Kansas City Single-Terminal Opposition

The Friends Of KCI and SaveKCI.org have led the way against a ram-through of a pricey new airport to replace one that simply needs much less expensive improvement.

Even tonight they rage at mainstream media arrogance . . .

"So Yael is all for public participation so long as the end result is what he wants. He's telling Sly to wait for his KCI group to make their recommendation and then "push for a more modern facility." WTF?!? What if the Sly's pre-stacked KCI group decides that the current facility is fine for everyone except Yael? Typical Star and typical KC politics. Listen to the people but only when they agree with you."

And so . . .

All of these people and trends have helped shape Kansas City proper this year . . . Now it's up to YOU to decide if it has been for the better.


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A steaming huge ass pile of shit.

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Whining. Should be the mission statement for this blog.

Check that, occasionally, sniveling.

That Guy said...

And here you are lapping it up.

Go party!

Dr Yaelokoff said...

Yael is a CANCER in KC!!! I hope the chemo fails in this case!

Anonymous said...

The New Year's Day posting hopes for things to change and all sorts of good things to happen, and this one shows all the reasons they won't.
Job security for TKC.

MichelleD said...

KC Pet Project became the 4th largest open admission animal shelter in the entire US, to reach a 90% plus save rate. As recently as 5 years ago the save rate was 35% in the KCMO shelter. Its kind of a big deal.

www.KCPetProject.org or find us on FB.

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Burke important?? Yeah, a legend in his own mind.

Anonymous said...

9:55pm I'm willing to bet hard, cold cash that Mike Burke has done more for Kansas City than you have.