Friday, December 06, 2013

Kansas City Preps For Toy Train 2014

KC Biz Journal looks forward to a New Year of rigged votes and taking from the general fund AND the TDD: KC Streetcar Authority starts talking about 2014


Anonymous said...

"Nonprofit" huh?

Very clever

Anonymous said...

I think we all know who's going to "profit" from this.

Nick Benjamin and Liz Serpa-Flook of The Cordish Co.; Russ Johnson of the Kansas City Council, David Johnson of OneLouder Apps Inc.; Michael Hagedorn of UMB Financial Corp.; Jon Copaken of Copaken Brooks; Teri Rogers of Hint (formerly T2 Studios); Matt Staub of Graphicmachine Inc.; Jim Miller of DST Realty Inc.; and Jeff Krum of Boulevard Brewing Co.

And whoever the other 3 are.

Anonymous said...

If Sly's so big on "local control" and "accountability" for things like the police, why did he set up an independent commission made up of people, only one of which is elected, and aren't accountable or responsible to anyone about anything?
And the very first thing they decided was that the streetcar would be "FREE"!
If Sly's so proud of this fiasco why doesn't he attach his own name to it and oversee it himself?

Anonymous said...

ONe more time!