Saturday, December 07, 2013

Kansas City Lightning Earns Even More High Praise From The New York Times

More detail on an important bit of Kansas City Scholarship . . . New York Times: Bebop ‘Kansas City Lightning’ and ‘Bird’

Money line and why this book is so important . . .

"More than 30 years have elapsed since Crouch began the work that has now borne fruit with “Kansas City Lightning.” The early start allowed him to interview valuable sources who have been unavailable to other writers for some time: among them, Billy Eckstine, the singer and bandleader, who had hired Parker for the orchestra later known as the “cradle of bebop” band and who died in 1993; and Ralph Ellison, the novelist and onetime jazz trumpeter, who, before his death in 1994, provided Crouch with insight into how a single-note instrument can employ “discontinuity” to explore harmony in jazz improvisation."

This EPIC work of research and storytelling is certainly worth checking out and tells the history of Kansas City in music.


Anonymous said...

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