Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Kansas City Firefighter Shooting Death Links

We'll have more on this one later . . . For now, here are all of the appropriate links . . . Most of which we've already covered . . .

- KCTV5 always has the most descriptive and captivating language in their reports: Fight leads to KCPD officer killing firefighter celebrating wedding

- Confirming most of what we posted: Report released in firefighter's death

- Late Night Talk With Nothing In Writing: Mayor hopes firefighter's shooting won't spark tensions with police

- C-Word Excuses: Police report: Cab meter dispute set off events leading to officer-involved shooting

- Out of the hospital and hopefully on the road to recovery: Officer who shot firefighter will undergo surgery

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

WhaaaaaaHahahahaha!!!! firefighter eats cop cock meat samwich!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

" Confirming most of what we posted:"? Exactly what was confirmed out of most? Who is we? Most was bullshit and name calling from what I remember.

todawgs said...

Probably too much alcohol on one person's part and too much machismo and stupidity on both people's part!!!

Anonymous said...

Ol Vincent Bruno was drunk and didn't care

This fireman attacked Hubbard like a bear

He brutally beat the cop with hands bare.

Copper Hubbard survived with Bruno's chest in crosshairs.

If at first you chose to beat an armed cop

You will be obliged with a hand gun going pop pop.

Attack a cop who has a gun
He will end your day sans the fun.

But for Bruno being real drunk or out of control he would be alive today. Hubbard is a hero for taking the beating as long as he did before he stopped it with two shots.