Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Jodie Gasson And The Kansas City Link Look

Jodie Gasson and her EPIC NSFW photo set gives us the inspiration to look at Kansas City links this evening.

Check it:

- Hoping For A Kansas City Bullet Free Sky Tonight: Mom of slain girl argues against New Year's Eve gunfire

- Powering Down The City Hall Mainframe: Kansas City's IT 'dinosaur' is dead

- Sunflower State Ruckus: Gay couples sue over Kansas tax filing policy

- Golden Ghetto Search: Person of interest sought in courthouse threats

- Gov. Jay Healthcare: Nixon renews push for Medicaid expansion in Missouri

- Channel 9 Staffing Change-Up: Joel Nichols, KMBC weatherman, has left the station

- Yael's To Do List For The Kansas City Mayor: All eyes are on Sly James as big KC issues loom in 2014

Just one more OPEN THREAD for your off-topic enjoyment . . .


Anonymous said...

These all link to lame stream media crap.

Step up to the plate and write Tony!

Anonymous said...

I bet KMBC wants to replace Joel with some big boobed bimbo with a marketing degree.

Anonymous said...

Yael's not even good at spinning and bamboozling readers anymore.

Anonymous said...

Well why else would someone watch local weather forecasts in the smartphone age? Visible panty lines and big titties is your answer.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City's IT 'dinosaur' is dead

The former Kansas City, now CK is stupid enough to cloud base all the data and claim it's a well thought out achievement.

Phew man time to head to the exits.

Anonymous said...

We do have a gift for amusing ourselves with fairy tales about how well things are going around here don't we?

Anonymous said...

CK has become like being in a nightmare you can't get the fuck out of.

And it's going to get worse.

Anonymous said...

That explains why that cute Pete Grigsby was on tonight. Woof!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tony: Suggestion. Every time you're about to give Jason Grill or that silly Garbonzo some free pr, stop. Jodie Gasson is what we want and need, not those losers. And by the way, those babies are real. No plastic funbags in '14, sawright? Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Road crews prepare for New Year's Day snow


Anonymous said...

KMBC is about to discover what happens to a major market player when the second string players take over. The mouthpieces can say what they want, but KMBC neutered Joel and pushed him out. It was clearly obvious just looking at the demeanor of the players in the days leading up to the final kill.

Why the fuck would they have two morning weather people if they weren't trying to make Joel fell useless? No balls Grigsby was waiting in the wings. It sure as hell didn't take him anytime to get his teeth brushed and his suit pressed.

I can't wait for the ratings to start slipping at 9 and see those arrogant ass holes running the place humbled down just a notch or two.