Thursday, December 26, 2013

Helen Flanagan And The Kansas City Look!!!

Everybody is looking forward to an upcoming Helen Flanagan pictorial and previews are already posted online . . . Meanwhile, we're checking these Kansas City mainstream media morning links in the aftermath of the holiday.

Check it:

- Kansas City Won't Give You A Brake: Police searching for KCMO hit-and-run suspect

- Sharks Grow A Conscience: Husch Blackwell steps up to help victims of human trafficking

- Big Money JaxCo Prize: Jackson County jurors award damages for ‘abuse of power’ - A man shoved to the floor and handcuffed by private security officers at a state office building in Kansas City won $1.3 million from a jury.

- Show-Me The Unreliable Grid: Thousands without power days after ice storm

- Still can't live on $7.50: Missouri minimum wage to go up at the start of the new year

- Eco-Devo Across The State Line: Former KCK hospital converted to apartments

- Morning KCK Blaze Help: Red Cross helps family displaced by fire the day after Christmas

- Local Wild Life Worthy Seeing: Snowy owls arriving early in Missouri

- Supporting The Troops Against The Drug War: At special court, veterans get needed support

- Kansas City Holiday Clean-Up: Recycle your lights, help the community

As always, this is just another OPEN THREAD for all things off-topic and noteworthy . . .


Anonymous said...

Do you think Hutch Blackwell actually cares or just thinks this is a way to impress potential corporate clients?

Anonymous said...

Cynthia Cordes was the top human trafficking person in the US attorneys office, and now is with HB. She absolutely cares about the issue, so it makes sense her new law firm would take advantage of that.

Anonymous said...

Who has more details about the $1.3m verdict against the pigs who slammed the guy to the floor? This is a big story and I'm sorta surprised the Star doesn't have any coverage.

MOLawyers said...

Pay for the subscription you cheap bastard!

Anonymous said...

Junk links.

Not one is worthy of anyone's time.

There are more important issues and problems to report.

Moisha said...

I like them and the bewbs Wildman!

TKC ain't reporting, he's blogging. Go learn the difference and then take a dump with your clothes on.