Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Emily Ratajkowski And The Kansas City Links

Emily Ratajkowski and her covered shower pix make the afternoon more interesting (even if my favorite recent pix of her involve pizza) and here are the Kansas City mainstream media links I'm checking . . .

- Slice Of JoCo Life Too: Man sought in Olathe stabbing

- Meth Is A Helluva Drug: Arrest made in massive copper theft

- Pretty Sure They Already Announced This: Bannister Federal Complex coming down in 2016

- He Was Dead When He Got There: Man found dead in KCK may have been hit by car

- Golden Ghetto Crook Pix: Surveillance pictures released in Oak Park Mall robbery

- Local Blaze Aftermath: Firefighter injured battling fire at home with live electricity lines

- Amateur Report: Royals prospect is dating beauty queen Kelsey Miller

- Outpacing Kansas Tax Breaks: Corporate income growth boosts Missouri revenue

- Show-Me New Boss: University of Missouri to announce new chancellor on Thursday

- Playing Ketchup Your Guide To Getting On The Sporting Kansas City Bandwagon

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Anonymous said...

Write an article

Anonymous said...

Did you see the pics of the perps in the Oak Park Mall robbery? What do you want to bet that's a mother/son combo? Black people: bringing their special brand of family values to a community near you. Wherever black people are is the scene of a crime.

Anonymous said...

Emily likes that special "sausage" pizza.

Anonymous said...

What do you want to bet blacks have been slaves here since 1620?

Anonymous said...

That's like 500 years!

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to the Bannister Rd facility. It should have been torn down years ago. It is old, outdated, and unsafe.
I hope that Centerpoint can redevelop it into a viable complex.