Monday, December 30, 2013


A classic shot from Jennifer Ellison adorns this collection of Kansas City mainstream media links tonight. Check it:

- Kansas City Lost And Found: Police find wandering child near East Patrol Station Grandma reunited with boy wandering near East Patrol station

- Looking For A Golden Ghetto Rugrat Too: Police search for missing Olathe toddler . . . And they found him: 1-year-old boy reported missing in Olathe found safe

- Kansas City Fanboys On The Road: Chiefs fans make plans to follow team to Indianapolis

- Guilty In Sleaze Summit: Lee's Summit man admits to cyberstalking

- County Club Crash: SUV hits bank near Plaza, injuring 2

- Building Fight In The Burbs: Court upholds permit block for Grandview asphalt plant

- Kansas City Downtown Hobo Freeze Out: City Union Mission overcapacity due to cold temps

- Bi-State Stagnation: Population estimates show Missouri, Kansas growing at similar rate

- Fear This Golden Ghetto Dude: 'Dangerous' man sought in Overland Park package thefts

- Pitch Celebrates Hamburger Winning: Blanc Burgers + Bottles to leave Plaza, return to Westport

Consider this tonight's OPEN THREAD for all kinds of off-topic consideration . . .


Anonymous said...

Too bad the toy train aka rolling homeless shelter isn't running yet.

Anonymous said...

damn skippy!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the black teen flash mob ran the lexus into the bank at country club

Anonymous said...

Blanc in that space?
Not to mention, parking in Westport is getting hilarious.

Anonymous said...

OP package thefts is a nigger. Surprised? Nah, it's always a fucking nigger.

lmao, KC fans, said...

KC fans ? That will be three cars, and two of them are lost, just following inbred relatives.

Anonymous said...

...something about that name Jennifer and being a hot chica! Happy New Year Tony it was a pleasure meeting you and your blog this year!!! #TxdownSouthlove!

Anonymous said...

Tony's daily links to mass media content.