Thursday, March 14, 2013


Kansas City should be very afraid . . .


Check it:

Mayor James appoints Blue Ribbon Commission

Panel will study and make recommendations on future governance of the Kansas City Police Department

(Kansas City, Missouri) --- Today, Mayor James appointed a Blue Ribbon Commission to study the issue of local control for Kansas City’s Police Department.

“In the last year, we have been wisely deliberate in our approach to this matter, and I have assembled a group of prominent Kansas Citians to weigh this complex issue and make public recommendations.

“This is how government works best. Consensus is possible, even on difficult issues, when we ask our citizens for input and move forward with hard data and facts. I look forward to hearing their recommendations,” said Mayor James.

Similar to the Citizens’ Commission on Municipal Revenue, the Local Control Commission will independently research, assess, and recommend a path forward. The selected members represent a spectrum of opinions on this issue as well as reflect the diversity of the Kansas City community.

Charge of the Blue Ribbon Commission:

The mission of the group will be to review and determine if current system is best for KC.

If it is not, then the Commission will determine what would a better system would look like.

The Commissions is charged with determining the impact of any changes to the governance system on finances and service to residents and also to determine a way to be accountable in both respects.

This will require research, evaluation and analysis, and a blueprint for moving forward, which may include charter changes, or proposals to the state legislature.

The Mayor is requesting that the Commission complete its work and forward formal recommendations by October of this year.

Members of the Blue Ribbon Commission:

Kay Barnes, Co-Chair - Mayor Barnes served as one of the first two women elected to the Jackson County legislature prior to her election to the Kansas City City Council in 1979. In 1999, she was elected as the first woman Mayor of Kansas City, serving two terms. Mayor Barnes is rightfully credited with the revitalization of downtown Kansas City, and has served as a member of the Kansas City Police Board.

Pat McInerney, Co-Chair - Mr. McInerney most recently served as President of the Kansas City Police Board and is currently a partner at Husch Blackwell. Previously, he served as Assistant U.S. Attorney where he prosecuted cases involving racketeering, money laundering, court fraud and violent crime. Mr. McInerney also was appointed by the Jackson County, Mo., Circuit Court as a Special Prosecuting Attorney.

Sandra Aust - Director of Coming of Age Kansas City Metro, a civic engagement initiative researched at Temple University and sponsored by Shepherd’s Center Central. Her career has spanned a wide range of pursuits, including acute hospital care and home health care serving the chronically ill.

Erika Brice - Principal of the si12 Group, a consulting firm she founded to focus on the real estate & economic development needs of low to moderate income communities. She currently serves on the Blue Hills Community Services Board of Directors.

Hyajin Bushey - Officer Bushey is currently assigned as a Project Officer within the Research and Development Division. She has been with the department since 2001. Her previous assignments include Central Patrol Division, South Patrol Division, and East Patrol Division.

Emanuel Cleaver, III - Dr. Cleaver serves as Senior Pastor of St. James United Methodist Church in Kansas City. He is a member of the Concerned Clergy Coalition and the Methodist Minister’s Fellowship where he currently serves as president.

Councilwoman Melba Curls - Currently serving the 3rd District at large and previously served four terms in the Missouri House of Representatives. She is the Chairwoman of the Neighborhoods and Healthy Communities Committee.

Duke Dujakovich - Life-long Kansas City, Missouri resident who grew up on the east side. Duke joined the KCFD in 1987 and is currently a Battalion Chief. He is the Past President of IAFF Local 3808 and is currently the President of AFL-CIO.

Tim Flook - Former Missouri State Representative Flook represented the Liberty area and was first elected in 2004. Mr. Flook is an attorney at the firm Flook and Graham, and is a former Clay County Counselor.

Councilman Ed Ford - Currently represents the 2nd District at large and previously served two consecutive terms as the 1st District at large councilman from 1995-2003 under Mayor Cleaver and Mayor Barnes. Councilman Ford is the Chairman of the Planning, Zoning and Economic Development Committee.

Eddie Gladbach - Vice President, Legal for AMC Entertainment, Inc. and is a resident of the Hyde Park neighborhood. Prior to joining AMC, he was an attorney for Interstate Bakeries Corporation and Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP.

Gwen Grant - President & CEO of the Urban League of Greater Kansas City. Mrs. Grant serves as Vice President of the Kansas City, Missouri School District Buildings Corporation Board of Directors; Arts Council of Kansas City Board of Directors; and Institute for Urban Education Advisory Board.

Carol Grimaldi - Active in several civic groups and issues including the Wet Weather Community Panel, the Jackson County Ethics Commission, the Public Improvements Advisory Committee and the Mayor’s Commission on Race. She has been the Executive Director of Brush Creek Community Partners since 1998.

Barrett Hatches - Dr. Hatches is the owner of Hatches Consulting, LLC, and the president and principal owner of BHMM Energy Services. Dr. Hatches serves as the Chairman of the Missouri Gaming Commission and Chairman of the Board for the Full Employment Council.

Jerry Jones - Lead health equity community organizer with Communities Creating Opportunities and a life-long resident of Kansas City.

Justin Kobolt - Sergeant Kobolt is currently assigned as a supervisor within the Research and Development Division of the Kansas City Police Department. He has been with the department since 2002. His previous assignments include Central Patrol Division, Metro Patrol Division, Special Victim’s Unit, and the Homicide Unit.

Brad Lemon - Currently serves as the Executive Vice President for the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 99 and has been a member of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department for well over two decades. He has been a member of the Kansas City Health Care Task Force and most recently the Kansas City Pension Task Force.

Ron Lindsay - Pastor Lindsay, a native of Kansas City, is the founder and Senior Pastor of Concord Fortress of Hope Church. Concord is located in South Kansas City, Missouri.

Beth Low - Vice President (Policy & Public Affairs) of KC Healthy Kids, and Director of the Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition. A resident of Western 49-63 neighborhood, Low served three terms in the Missouri legislature (D-39), representing much of Kansas City, including midtown, Westport, The Country Club Plaza, and much of Brookside from 2005 to 2011.

Sean McCauley - Attorney at McCauley & Roach with over 12 years of experience in all facets of labor relations. He is the current legal counsel for the Kansas City Fraternal Order of Police.

Gene Morgan - Graduate of Rockhurst University and holds a Masters Degree from the University of Central Missouri in Corrections and an MPA from the University of Missouri Kansas City. He worked for five years at the Jackson County Juvenile (Family) Court, 17 years as a Superintendent for the Missouri Department of Corrections, 20 years at the Kansas City Community Center, 14 years as President/CEO, and is now an adjunct instructor of criminal justice at MCCKC, Penn Valley Campus.

Charles Myers - Attorney at Lathrop and Gage, LLP on healthcare law issues. He served on the City Plan Commission of Kansas City, Missouri from 1991 to 2010, serving as chair for 11 years and vice chair for four years.

Dr. Ken Novak - Associate Professor and Chair of UMKC’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology. Areas of research and teaching interests are policing, criminal procedure, and criminal justice organizations.

CiCi Rojas - Mrs. Rojas is President and CEO of Kansas City’s Central Exchange. She is formerly Vice President of Community Engagement for Truman Medical Center with previous experience serving as the President and CEO of both the Dallas and Kansas City Hispanic Chambers of Commerce and as Vice President of Strategic Alliance with the Washington, D.C.- based U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Councilman John Sharp - Currently represents the 6th District and previously served five terms in the Missouri House of Representatives, representing the Ruskin/Hickman Mills area, and two terms on the Hickman Mills Board of Education. Councilman Sharp is the Chairman of the Public Safety Committee.

Sandy Skaggs - Lifelong resident of Kansas City has been a political activist involved in our community. She served on the Mid-Continent Public Library Board for 30 years and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Clay County affiliate of Hillcrest Transitional Housing.

Angie Stanland - vice president of Associate Services and Recruiting at Cerner Corporation. Prior to joining Cerner, Stanland worked for Executive Travel and the Hyatt Hotels and Resort network. Stanland sits on the boards of the Kansas City Convention and Visitors Association and the American Royal and is a vestry member of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. She resides in downtown Kansas City with her husband, Cy.

Imam Sulaiman Z. Salaam - Resident Imam of Al - Haqq Islamic Center, recently appointed as an Ambassador for Peace by the World Federation of Peace and presented with the "Merging Leadership Award" by the Heartland Chapter of the Muslim American Council.

Balius Tate - Retired Great Plains Energy executive; concluded a 33 year career as Vice President of Administration. He has also served on the Board of Police Commissioners for the City of Kansas City.

Brenda Tinnen - Brenda Tinnen, general manager and senior vice president of Sprint Center/AEG-KC, and serves as vice-chair of Missouri Tourism Commission. Tinnen has held operational roles with STAPLES Center, Home Depot Center, Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace and the Kodak Theatre.



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Hyperblogal said...

Wow. You could just list who's not on the committee.

Anonymous said...

Good, about time!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a committee with Gwen Grant, Melba Curls, E. Cleaver, Sr., and other useless eaters. What would you expect from Mayor Silverback?

Anonymous said...

Blue ribbon commission, for what? This decision has been made, stop with commission crap already.

Anonymous said...

might as well just hand over keys to police station to the Democrat party.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't your favorite former Council Member on the panel?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the end of Kansas City.

Turn out the lights, there's no reason left to remain within the city limits.

Anonymous said...

Pendergast just got an erection from the grave.

Anonymous said...

You guys are dumb as shit.

Anonymous said...

Nice big list of political ass kissers!

Anonymous said...

Detroit 2.0...

Anonymous said...

Name one person in that group who entire career has not been spent scmoozing and sucking at the public teat.

Leave KC Don't Visit said...

Such a shame that the city has turned to corruption in such an obvious way.

Anonymous said...

It's just a study. Try not to panic.

Anonymous said...

This is a cynical joke...thanks are showing your true self, all press conference no progress...this group isn't going to do a thing...KC will continue to be beholden to Jeff City and rural Missouri for management of its Police Dept...the only such city in the nation.

Anonymous said...

Funk wins.

Miss Allen said...

What a shame. I see no real leaders on this commission.

I would hope that Sly would remember the community that has supported him for Mayor since day one. He certainly doesn't act like it.

Sly, who are these people? They all look like politicians to me.

Anonymous said...

Who is his favorite former Council Woman?

The Inside Her said...

Beth? Or SSB?

Who knows?

Anonymous said...

More free lunches for the vip crowd in KC to schmooze each other. Nother waste of time getting 'community input'.

Anonymous said...

Who is Beth? Why does she keep coming up on this blog?

Anonymous said...

Same names. Hate Gwen Gant. Hate Melba Curls. Hate Manny Cleaver. Look and see if you don't see these same names keep popping up. What a drag!

Anonymous said...

Too many people. That tells me they don't plan to get any real work done. Just gonna talk around the edges.

Then when they start getting close to the deadline and panic starts to set i about lack of progress, Barnes or McInerny will present a whoppin', full blown plan to return KCPD to local control. The Committee members will have no choice but to approve it, and it will be ramrodded through. After all, everybody went to the meetings, ate all the lunches, talked to everyone about the important work they've been doing, had their name in The Star and now they gotta deliver the goods.

Approve the local control plan, hire the p.r. campaign, and deliver the votes come election time.

THAT'S the way it's done.

xalti said...

It's a feeding frenzy. These folks aren't about doing anything but protecting their own position.

Anonymous said...

Forte sold out the PD to city control to get the Chief's job. It's a done deal.

Anonymous said...

The same old democrat retreads= the same old story.

Anonymous said...

A virtual who's who of people who have either vocally supported local control, who will get some sort of payoff if the city takes it over or who are nothing more than a potted plant who will nod their head when everyone else does.

Conspicuously absent from the list are at least four former Police Board Members who have come out vocally as opponents of local control and anyone else .

So pack your "committee" with yes men and no one who will voice an opposing view? Everyone knows how that will turn out.

Anonymous said...

James portrayed himself as an outsider who wouldn’t be co-opted by insider special interests.


Anonymous said...

Good Time for Local Control.
Need to shake up KCPD .
Plus the Taxpayers ought to have a say.

Reality Check said...

This group of shitheels hardly represents outsiders. They are the worst in Kansas City and they're only looking out for themselves.

Be afraid of this move Kansas City. This is how the the police lose quality and people.

KC is dying.

Anonymous said...

Should have made Dispatcher Chambers part of the group. He deserves bigger and better things cause he is sooo good good at his job now!!!

Anonymous said...

Lots of police officers and sergeants, even a fire department commander, yet no police commanders on the task force. What are you afraid of Sly?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah let the local niggers run the polease department and run the white taxpayers out of Kansas City. Overland Park will thank you.

Anonymous said...

Police commanders? They have done an amazing job of fucking this up bad enough, don't you think? Get the hell out of the way. This staff doesn't lead, it's a bunch of lemmings without a leader. How's the world look now? Hope you like the results,lol.

Anonymous said...

Did the north secede? It looks like from that list that the city stops at the river!

Anonymous said...

NOTHING can go wrong with this plan.............pack your bags and move if this happens.

I was for local control until recent events, namely, Forte and Sly....very dangerous to go down this road.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he rounded up the usual suspects.

Anonymous said...

Far too big a committee to actually get anything done.

Anonymous said...

I've asked this before and I'll try again and hopefully get a real answer. What do you local control proponents believe will actually change for the better with local control? What specifically will be different about the police department? Do you really think it will run more efficiently? That officers will work for less money? That the unnecessary hiding positions will go away? That the bloated underperforming overpayed command staff will miraculously fix itself? If local control changes any of these issues it probably won't be for the better. Be careful what you wish for. The Star has been pushing this and offered absolutely no specifics on how it will change anything. That should be a red flag.

Anonymous said...

9:05 nailed it. no where, in any discussion I have seen, have any facts or benefits of local control been stated. Its just blah blah pendergast blah blah can't be the only ones not under local control. Last time the good idea fairy visited we screwed up a perfectly good ambulance system. Can nobody actually find real stories to report or real problems to fix?

Anonymous said...

Kay Barnes and her special girlfriend Sandra Aust? Aust has accomplished nothing on her own except bleeding two ex-husbands and being Holly Starr's former mother-in-law. She relies on Kay for relevance.

Charles Myers is one of the biggest, dumbest assholes of all time.

Too many other losers, including Ford, Curls and Sharp, to mention.

The Mayor will do what he wants regardless, just as he did with the Revenue Commission. Colossal waste of time.