Monday, February 25, 2013


Public works bureaucrats sent us this one personally because they want to keep this blog community in the know . . . Just looked outside and it started snowing, but thankfully my trash is gone . . . Anyhoo . . . Here's the presser . . .

Trash pickup suspended Tuesday, delayed one day rest of week

Residents with Wednesday, Thursday and Friday trash pickup may place four bags curbside

The City of Kansas City, Mo., is advising residents that curbside trash and recycling collection will be suspended tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 26 due to the upcoming winter snowstorm. Due to this suspension, trash and recycling collection will be delayed one day the rest of this week. For example, residents who usually have Tuesday collection will receive it Wednesday, Feb. 27. Residents who usually have Friday collection will receive it Saturday, March 2. Residents with regular Monday collection will not be affected by the delay.

In addition, residents with regular Wednesday, Thursday and Friday pickup who did not receive trash collection last week will be allowed to place up to four bags of trash curbside without tags. The City’s trash contractor tried to pick up regular Thursday and Friday routes over the weekend, but had difficulty getting through some routes in the southern part of the City.

Please note that the City’s bulky item, illegal dumping and dead animal collections have also been suspended for the remainder of the week. This will allow crews normally assigned to these services to assist with snow removal.

The City appreciates residents’ patience with these delays in solid waste services.

For more information about solid waste collection services, visit or call the 311 Call Center at 311 or 816-513-1313. For more information on snow, please visit

Media inquiries about trash and recycling should be directed to Sean Demory, public information officer for the Public Works Department, at 816-513-0059.


Anonymous said...

No Comrades, you keep your trash.

That is all.

Gack! said...

What The Fuck kind of She-beast is that photo of?



Anonymous said...

Great, Tony. Now square that with the combox comment that was debunked moments after it was published that you later blasted as if it were the Gospel truth two days later:

"Was just told by a sanitation employee that the KCMO Sanitation Department has suspended trash pickup indefinitely because the residential streets are not safe for the crews to travel. If the expected storm hits KC this week, the suspension of service will extend until the regularly scheduled pick-up schedule in first week of March.

"In order to avoid negative publicity for as long as possible, the offices of the City Manager and the Mayor ordered the Sanitation Department to not issue a public announcement on this decision and to leave the announcement on the city's Web site that trucks would be working Saturday and Sunday.

"The City's failure to conduct a snow removal campaign in residential neighborhoods now means that citizens will have to store 2-3 weeks of trash before the next pick-up."

So let me see if we got this right. Instead of ALL trash pick-up "suspended indefinitely" we had spots in the city that were impossible to get to over the weekend.

Instead of this suspension lasting until next week, they'll be picking up trash one day late this week.

Instead of the "Sanitation Department" being ordered NOT to issue any public statements, we get this one.

So in other words, there really wasn't a word of truth in any of it, was there?

And hey, don't forget the kid who was hit by a car on Blue Ridge. AFTER it had been completely cleared of snow.

Tony, you just aren't a reliable source of original reporting. Better stick to posting links from real newsies.

Slyvester said...

Maybe follow the lead of certain council "members" and share interesting texts with friends, neighbors and hot television personalities?

Anonymous said...

Tony is typical of the Kansas City Whiner class. God forbid they have to wait a few days for streets to be cleared or trash to be picked up in the middle of a fucking blizzard. They're too busy getting their non-snow-worthy cars stuck in the middle of the fucking road, blocking snow removal and trash pickup workers. And then sitting on their lazy asses bitching about how slow going it is waiting for snow removal and trash pickup workers to get through the maze of stuck cars.

Anonymous said...

You motherfuckers pick up my goddamned trash!!! I pay 1% of my fucking income to KCMO and all I get is excuses!!!!@

Anonymous said...

That's Coco the beached whale!

Anonymous said...

That is one SCARY fucking Amazon-ugly broad!

I think Tony has found the cure for priapism.

Anonymous said...

I se the shill is back despite many facts to the contrary. Fact, unlike shills astroturfing the comments, I was all over the city today and saw the many piles of trash not picked up. Fact that a front wheel drive ford with bald tires can navigate a street, so can a trash truck. Please quit being such a retard.

Anonymous said...

8:53; hey asshole, no one is saying that ALL the trash was picked up!! But your insistence that none has been is getting old. Not a shill, just someone whose trash was picked up over the weekend.

And yes, that is the scariest picture I have seen yet on this stupid blog.

Anonymous said...

Continue with your shilling please. Don't let the facts get in the way.

Anonymous said...

8:53, where do you see "piles of trash"? In KC, you have to bag it. You put out up to two bags, and a recycling bin.

And as far as trash pickup being suspended indefinitely, how about trash trucks out picking it up on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and again on Monday?

Anonymous said...

8:53 is one of the assholes clogging the roads. Tow his piece of shit truck with bald tires and ticket the asshole.

Miss Sweetie Pie said...

Mr. Tony,
I am getting better news from your jaded site than from a paper I pay $300 a year. Now that is just plain sad.

As for trash, I plan to stick last week's build up and this week's contribution and more than likely next week's mess at the curb. Lord help city hall if it isn't ALL picked up.

Anonymous said...

Dat Coco wanting me to git sum her caca on ma peepee!!! diging in DEEEEP!!!!!!