Friday, February 08, 2013


Jordan Carver reminds us that football season is only a few moments away . . . And here are most powerful people and trends in Kansas City . . .

Check it:


MO State Sen. Jason Holsman - Nice guys finish first sometimes and this South Kansas City politico could be the next Mayor of Kansas City someday sooner than anybody thinks.

MO House Rep. John Rizzo - Still leading the conversation on Northeast Kansas City Public Safety.

MO House Rep. Brandon Ellington - Organizer of the most important Kansas City Anti-Violence collaborative effort we've seen in years.

Kansas City mayor Sly James - Counting on EPIC charisma to carry out his term.

Mayor Pro-Tem Cindy Circo - Actively looking for his next gig.


Ryan Kath - Zombie real estate stories and top notch research skill keep this newsie at the top of the local TV broadcast game.

Eric Chaloux - KCTV5's lead investigator and working to keep local daycares safe this week.

Tess K. - She suffered a home break-in this week but remains this town's top non-fiction storyteller.

Hey Cameraman -  Kansas City's digital news gathering resource.

Jabulani Leffall - Now a blogger but still the topic of a great deal of talk and speculation.

Jason Whitlock - A columnist who still has the power to inspire ridicule and derision from his detractors.


Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar Pushback - Growing sentiment against this stolen election and expensive eco-devo experiment.

Politically Connected Felons Employed By Kansas City - Kansas City's move to create social justice has inadvertently led to putting a dangerous new political under-class in Kansas City.

Continued Kansas City Killing - Despite heroic efforts, the carnage hasn't stopped.

Even More Questions About The Missing 15K - This controversy isn't forgotten and might be coming toward a dramatic conclusion rather soon.

Consequences Of The Missouri GOP NO-VETO Majority - From Union crackdowns to public school takeover . . . The GOP is now in charge of Missouri's fate.

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


Anonymous said...

Round up the usual suspects for Kansas City's downhill slide.

TKC you need to get a better class of friends.

Cowtown Crap said...

Drug Connected Felons Employed By TKC - TKC's move to create social niceness has inadvertently led to putting a dangerous ex-felon in the Kansas City limelight. Scientific polling has proven TKC's readers hate it and want a change.

Craigs Blog said...

"Continued Kansas City Killing - Despite heroic efforts, the carnage hasn't stopped." You have yet to list ANY heroic efforts . That joke of a friend of yours Alonzo doesn't count. He's just trying to get his hand in the cookie jar like all the others.

Hyperblogal said...

"leading the conversation".... what conversation is that?

Hyperblogal said...

"leading the conversation".... what conversation is that?

Anonymous said...

John Rizzo leading the conversation?

How can you lead if you are not present?

Anonymous said...

Well the voices in his head says he is leading

Uncle Tom Comstock said...

Why not recognize Dutch Newman's 19th Century hatred of Gay Folk?

Anonymous said...

tony will not run the pushback against rizzo's absence in our district from those that once supported him.

Anonymous said...

Funk Wins.

Because Obama Is A Communist said...

Dutch Newman for President!

Anonymous said...

When will that corrupt fucking cunt Dutch really take it to the next level?

Anonymous said...

Celebrate Dutch Newman's 21st Century honesty about Gay Folk, because politically correct is not necessarliy correct, but always political - and usually BULLSHIT.

Anonymous said...

Tony, you are completely excused from having to change anything about yourself or your life. Stay exactly the same! Be frozen in time. Resist the urge to tinker. Take a vacation from life's relentless command to evolve.


Remember when, during the Royster/Moreno election and subsequent Rizzo election fraud, Moreno was telling everyone what a nonparticipant Rizzo is?

Well, it turns out that they were telling the truth.

Rizzo also is the guy who, with his dad's help, shut down all the Jackson County participation in anti-prostitution legislation in Northeast.

Anonymous said...

John Rizzo the power player? Those of us living here see Santa in our community more than Rizzo each year.