Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Missouri GOP Lobbies For $1 Billion Worth Of Tax Cuts For Big Biz Buddies

No-Veto Majority brings out the knife this session: Missouri Republicans push $1 billion tax cut plan

On the bright side . . . Sen. Will Kraus of Lee's Summit seems to have realized that budget breaking tax cuts that might earn a few more dollars for MO biz are far more productive than going after immigrant toddlers. The more you know!!!


Anonymous said...

Rich man minus taxes paid equals rich man. So, what's the beef! Tax cuts to the wealthy does not equal job creation, but rather a stagnant economy.

Anonymous said...

That sucking sound is your jobs leaving this country said big eared Ross Perot as he was debating Slick Willie years ago.
Boy, was that ever true. It will never be the same in this country. The dems and repubs were all to blame.