Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The lights are flickering in my (mom's) basement and I've got cartoons to watch, so let's make this quick and dirty . . . Check his pile-up of Kansas City snow links as the power fades . . .

More than 40,000 without power in Kansas City metro area

Tens of thousands without power as winter storm blasts KC

Power outages mount as heavy snow piles up

Warning: Snow and ice weigh down trees and power lines

Public radio and soothing monotone report: Wet Snow, Winds, Lash Kansas City Region

NO ESCAPE FROM COWTOWN WINTER: KCI cancels most morning flights today

Storm intensifies in KC; travel treacherous

Dead Tree Media Delay: Weather-related delays expected to affect delivery of The Star

Panic in smaller surrounding burgs: City of Grandview issues state of emergency

Death From Above: Residents unhappy with apartment response after roof collapse . . . Heavy snow puts strain on area roofs


Anonymous said...

Great! Now we get to read for days about the KCP&L "FAIL" for not getting power restored to everyone within 30 minutes.

Hand Wringer said...

The City missed my trash pick up this morning! What will we ever do?

Anonymous said...

On top of that: DEAD TREE MEDIA FAIL!

My newspaper isn't here yet! Oh, woe is all of us!

Lou said...

Heavens to Mergatroid !

Anonymous said...

Welcome to February. We have one of these epic ice storms about every 10 yrs. The last one was in 2002, so we were due. That is KC in February (I hate this month, it should be executed)

Anonymous said...

Well, we had a pretty epic blizzard on Feb. 1, 2011.

We also had a pretty nasty snow storm, followed by temperatures below zero, in early January 2009.

I guess we really got spoiled last winter, although the lack of snow was pretty early in a very severe drought.

I'm guessing farmers all over Missouri and Kansas must be doing cartwheels now.