Monday, February 18, 2013

Emma Glover And Kansas City Evening Links

Emma Glover starts this important set of Kansas City links tonight . . .

- Kansas City Emergency Wreck: At least 2 injured in crash involving KCFD ambulance

- Meth Town Collision: Independence police said they're at the scene of a crash between a car and a skateboarder.

- Show-Me Obamacare Push: Missouri Democrats say rural hospitals need expanded Medicaid . . . Missouri Democrats roll out Medicaid expansion bill

- Mark Holland Is Getting Tired Of Your Questions: KCK mayoral candidates square off in debate

- Show-Me Crime Incentive: Police: Mo. law encourages thieves to steal old cars

- Brownback Blame Shift: Kansas budget director apologizes for numbers error

- Kansas City Snowpocalypse Is Coming: Messy winter storm set to move in late Wednesday


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