Monday, February 25, 2013


TKC NOTE: On this snowed in night, our friend Craig Glazer reveals even more details regarding his adventures with/involving law enforcement. The many fans of his book "King Of Sting" will appreciate the new spin and perspective on provocative stories. Check it:


‘Well, you say that I'm an outlaw,

You say that I'm a thief…’ The Ballad of Pretty Boy Floyd, Woody Guthrie

I think you can count on one hand how many people in America who have been through a Federal criminal trial, a State criminal trial and has also been a high-ranking law enforcement officer. Confusing? You bet! Clearly, the man I’m talking about is me.

In the mid 70’s as the nation’s youngest special agent, not yet 21, I was employed as a law enforcement officer for the Kansas Attorney General. Let me make this clear, I was one of six officers that worked directly for the AG to enforce all state laws, not just drug laws. Working beside us was the KBI. The big difference is we were the street field agents all carrying our own badges and weapons, while the KBI was not then allowed to carry weapons in the field and did most of the post-investigation work. I was hired by then AG Verne Miller because of my background as a ‘sting artist’ taking down drug dealers posing as a cop in the south-west. At that time, I had never been convicted of any crime.

Hiring me was unorthodox and probably had never been done at that level. Verne had my dossier from the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the FBI. It was impressive, but way wrong on my part and maybe theirs for offering me the position. It was clearly a big move by the Attorney General for press, but it all backfired when my confidential informant was involved in supplying the dealers I arrested later with a large drug shipment. Today that’s okay with Federal and State agencies but at that time it had not been done. I was the central figure in a major indictment in the end I was the only one that was convicted of a crime. I was convicted by a jury and placed on probation.

Years later, on a national case, I set up a sting against Columbian drug dealers on a money laundering case. I was no longer an agent, but a film executive and I had no legal right to do what I did. Clearly it was for revenge and financial gain. After, again, standing trial in Federal Court, I was convicted and sentenced to seven years in Federal Prison.

Here’s the point. I often hear the word ‘snitch’ or ‘informant’ thrown at people, fairly or not. If you are arrested by our government, State or Federal, for any felony, they do their level best to make a deal. They don’t want to spend the time or money for a public trial, they can be costly. Furthermore, the government makes it clear to the defendant and his or her attorney that if you proceed to trial and lose, you will be punished for more severely. Any person that proceeds to trial by jury is someone who did not cooperate and did not give up any information, hence, the need for a trial.

The government, today, has few rules they have to follow to get a conviction. They have wide lattitude especially in drug cases. In today’s law enforcement they really don’t need any drugs, they don’t even need a wire-tap. All they really need is informants and/or witnesses to say you did whatever it is they are accusing you of. Juries tend to believe the government and their witnesses. Understand this, a jury pool of sixty are picked by the government because they have usually, especially in Federal cases, been jurors before that have convicted in the past. The government likes to use older jurors. Jurors can even be former government employees. Also understand that it’s government employees who the jury is around every moment. The governement employees bring them their food, take them to the hotel if they are sequestered, talk with them, joke with them and in a sense become palsy-walsy with them. Understand Federal indictments wind up in convictions over ninety percent of the time. Few cases go for trial. This means anyone who pleads guilty to a charge has to cooperate with the government to a certain extent.

Cooperation in your guilty plea means that you must acknowledge that your co-defendents are guilty and that you, yourself, are also guilty. You basically have to bend over. Maybe now you can see why even ‘tough guys’ like Sammy ‘the Bull’ cooperate and ‘snitch’ or inform. They are facing huge sentences, twenty years to life or more is often what is in front of them. Today there is no parole board and you will do eighty-fiver percent of your sentence less halfway house time.

Most people in prison pled guilty, even in the tougher higher level prisons. That means they cooperated with the government in some fashion. Most ‘ratfinders’ turn out to be ‘rats’ themselves out of guilt or fear to be found out.

Let me leave you with this: Do not cross Federal law enforcement or our government. They are nearly unbeatable. Time and money are on their side, not yours. Don’t believe me? Ask OJ Simpson. He beat the murder rap…but did he? He is now serving a lengthy sentence in a Nevada prison. He will be old and grey when he gets out. That’s known as the long arm of the law. He’s really there for the murder cases in California.

Part II coming later.

‘…Yes, as through this world I've wandered
I've seen lots of funny men;
Some will rob you with a six-gun,
And some with a fountain pen.’



Anonymous said...

Okay, regarding the subject line of Craig's post.

That is





IN this city, if you want to go in certain parts of this town you can't play with that name. Kudos to Craig for putting it all out there.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Brave well done. Agreed.

WTF Tony, Wake UP! said...


Glazer is as welcome as a wet fart.

Anonymous said...

fantastic Glazer. Look forward to more. Inside stuff, makes sense. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Read King Of Sting. Enjoyed the book.

Anonymous said...

King Of Stink

Anonymous said...

Book of lies and bullshit posturing.

Anonymous said...

Glazer gives Tony a hand job and we have to read a long-ass column from Glazer.

Editor said...

More self-aggrandizing bullshit from somebody nobody cares about. When do we get the first installment of Alonzo Washington's "Daily thoughts to Myself?" Tony, don't you know what a media whore is by now?

Anonymous said...

Wow the haters do hate.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No attack cause you boxed them baby.

Anonymous said...

I kinda like Craig's writing. Not as fun as Tony's, but not bad.
I've actually met Craig, and he didn't seem sleazy or gross or anything. Actually very polite, asked us questions about ourselves, didn't dominate the conversation.
Probably not the asshole everyone makes him out to be.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I met him. Ok guy. Agreed.

Anonymous said...

Book is very good, for a jerk who lived it.

Maxwell Smarter than you. said...

You were not a "high ranking federal agent" you fucking douche. You were a snitch. Period. If you start out as a criminal, then work for the cops, that makes you a snitch.Especially when you go back to crime. And you clearly wrote half of the comments, and all of the glowing ones. If you are going to post comments incognito, you might try switching the cadence and sentence structure. You tend to follow up your sentences with one and to word affirmations. Got it? Good. Jesus , you are fucking stupid.
Sad sad clown.

Anonymous said...

When is part two? What is it about, same thing?

Maxwell Smarter than you said...

make that one and TWO words, not to words. Just reading your bullshit lowered my IQ.

Anonymous said...

Glazer is like a pus-filled boil on the ass of Tony's blog.

Anonymous said...

How is the guy a snitch, don't get it?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Like the 411

Anonymous said...

urrrmm.. "Vern" Miller was the whack job Kansas AG of the early '70s, most famous for embarrassing KS nationally by banning booze in airliners flying in KS airspace.

the 'Vern + E Miller" that Glazer talks about was a gunman in the KC massacre..hence the Pretty Boy Floyd lyrics.

Does this Glazer guy make EVERYTHING up?

Toni Bones said...

Good read. Thought provoking!

Anonymous said...

Douche tard fuck noid wanker shit from the roid head toupee king.

Anonymous said...

Glazer and his book of lies are like a beer, egg, and onion fart - loud, stinky, and unwelcome.

Anonymous said...

More rehash from Hearne's site.

Which is more pathetic, Hearne writing about his days at the Star or Rughead still writing the Cliff's Notes version of KOS?

Hey Gayzer is it true you gave Junior to Hearne and Kimberly as a wedding gift and Kimberly ate him?

Anonymous said...

Nice story.

Anonymous said...

1. If you did that many stings against that many drug lords and dealers then go public and write a book identify yourself as the one having done so, you get one thing; whacked! These people play for keeps.
2. You can't be hired as an officer if you're under 21, Kansas State Law.
3. People in Topeka don't confirm any of this hogwash
4. Amazon should move this book (Used from .01) to the fiction department.
5. Lanza knows he's a fraud, call and ask him.
6. Glad all of KCC's dead wood has found a home, the twins need attention. I refused to read KCC because of them, now I can't read TKC because of them!

Anonymous said...

Then don't break the law, you fuck-tarded asshat Glazer criminal. You are a fucking loser.

Anonymous said...

JimmyC deserves more attention that this shit Glazer that you keep throwing on your blog Tony.

Anonymous said...

There won't be anything in his book about Kansas City since we don't have any law enforcement.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Met Craig twice. Both times he was so high he didn't know what planet he was on.
A class act.

xalti said...

The more I read of Craig, the more I like. Guy has mad storytelling skills and his life has been amazing. Forget the haters TKC. More Craig Please!

Anonymous said...

Glazer is a no good, lying bastard. He can lie out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, and if he ever caught himself telling the truth, he'd lie just to keep his hand in.

Anonymous said...

9:47, it is quite revealing that Glazer doesn't know the difference between Vern Miller, the Kansas AG he allegedly worked for, and Verne Miller, the Union Station massacre figure. Doesn't speak well for the fact-checking of this book.

And let us return to those thrilling days of the early '70s. No, Vern Miller did not hand guns and badges to "under-21s."

He made his "tough on drugs" reputation by picking the low-hanging fruit -- street-level dealers. And conducting high-publicity, middle-of-the-night raids with the press in tow.

Sure, Miller tried to flip them into snitches, but there is no record of Glazer providing any useful information.

Glazer also claims that Miller hired him on the basis of dossiers that Arizona law enforcement and the FBI had on him.

But apparently, he thought his "service" to Miller wiped all that out and law enforcement was no longer keeping an eye on him.

That was unfortunate for him, because he got convicted TWICE -- once in 1975 in Kansas and once in 1985 in California -- of doing the same stupid thing: Agreeing to buy cocaine from undercover law enforcement agents, turning over the money, then claiming it was part of a "sting."

And more unfortunate for him, neither judge bought his story.

You can read about it here:

and here:,1731504

Anonymous said...

"Let me leave you with this: Do not cross Federal law enforcement or our government. They are nearly unbeatable. Time and money are on their side, not yours. Don’t believe me? Ask OJ Simpson."

Hate to break the news to Glazer, but the murder rap was a State of California beef, not a federal case.

And neither were the Nevada charges of armed robbery, etc., when O.J. and his gang broke into a Vegas hotel room to "steal back" (his story) sports memorabilia at gunpoint.

So is Glazer saying that Nevada trumped up charges against O.J. in retaliation for him beating a California case?

Yeah, that happens a lot. (snark)

Anonymous said...

Hey Craig, glad you started posting your self-mastubatory comments as Anonymous now, rather than making up fake names to comment under. You're still pathetic as shit, but at least slightly less dumb looking. Very slightly.

Anonymous said...

Glazer was an agent, front page news. He never said OJ's case was federal.

Anonymous said...

His book spells Vern, Vern. Mistake in this story. Kansas case never said he tried to sell or buy drugs. Both cases were conspiracy charges so the drug title covered the frame up in Kansas Case and laundering in Cal. case. Thats all.

In the Kansas case the judge did believe him, he let the guy go.

Anonymous said...

Glazer started as an agent before he turned 21, then while in service did become 21. One reason his story was so interesting.

When you write a book their lawyers check out all the major facts to avoid legal issues. Had he not been a real under cover officer they would have known. In the 70's his trial and the story were in the paper daily. He was an agent, never anywhere did it say he was not.

I don't understand why some people out there just keep making things up on the guy. Don't like him, fine.

Anonymous said...

"He never said OJ's case was federal."

For the reading challenged:

"Do not cross Federal law enforcement or our government. They are nearly unbeatable. Time and money are on their side, not yours. Don’t believe me? Ask OJ Simpson."

Glazer also fails to say how he crossed the feds, since his first conviction was a state charge.

Both cases it involved arranging to buy drugs from undercover narcs, then getting busted.

Now one would wonder how a guy who once worked as a "high-level agent" could be so stupid.

But then again, we're talking about Glazer.

Captain Jack said...

Guess you didn't read his book or the one million stories about him. The man is the definition of legend. Everyone has a different view point, he's many things to everyone who learns about him. Some hate him, some are fascinated by him, he's a liar, he's an enigma, guys a mystery. It's quite a life. Remember Glazer says, "he was an outlaw" and so he was. That too has many colors.

In the end all these things happened. Just pends on which viewpoint one decides to take as to why or how.

Anonymous said...

Fellow comment makers. I bought King Of Sting. On the back of the book there are two stories from the Kansas City Star. They confirm much of Glazer's story. In the book there are several quotes from other papers and law enforcement, while some didn't care for him, they all tend to back up nearly all he says. The federal case was as he states a clever money laundering scheme. According to the LA Times the charge was drug conspiracy cause the dealers(feds) wanted Glazers group to buy their cocaine, but the case was really about them giving Glazer and company hundreds of thousands to launder, believing them to be mob connected. The drug case was a cover to keep their mistake a secret. It all came out in the court case.

If you like him or not, read the book, it's on kindle for a buck. Trust me its a great read and much of it is confirmed by reliable sources.

Anonymous said...

Dumb ass, why should they waste their time with that, these other dumb asses just want to hate on the boy. Don't ask them to be wrong. Stupid dumb ass. We are having way too much fun with all this, dumb ass bitch.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sure that Glazer comes across as quite the "legend" in his own book, and thus in his own mind.

But "outlaw"? That's not he told both judges.

He claimed to be a free lance vigilante working entirely on his own to rid the world of the scourge of drugs -- a story so preposterous that only his toadies would buy it.

Anonymous said...

"When you write a book their lawyers check out all the major facts to avoid legal issues"

Really? So why is there a federal DEA badge on the front cover?

Heck, you don't even have to open the book to find the first lie.

Anonymous said...

Only idiots will believe that the truth is written in the KC Star.

Was only dirtbag paper Glazer could find to write his lies as he believes they happened.

The Real Harley said...

Now that was the best one yet. The Kansas City Star made up Glazer stories, the fact he was working with the Attorney General as a lawman. That's rich. Everyone is in on his legend. The ones he just makes up. How much of a fool are you? Give it up. Glazer wins.

Anonymous said...

Tony thank you for brining Craig Glazer to the site. Love what you do, but this is always a break from the daily news to read. Good move, really. I would think most people are entertained by this writer.

Anonymous said...

That you ? Jack By Hand ?

Tom said...

Tony might be a wise move to let readers know when these Glazer stories will be on the blog. Like every certain day or night at a predetermined time. Reminds me of the old newspaper Dick Tracy series. I know that makes me an oldster but so be it, these are damn exciting reads, as far as I am concerned. I don't care about Glazer as far as right or wrong, just the stories Jack.

Anonymous said...

Yes that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Hearne can shove his site up his
While tony covers the real news going on like the weather
and the jj's story, Hearne has the most hallucinated writers
ever assembled talking about cruises/commies/white anger/
and dirty cops.
Thank god that tony brought glazer
over to tkc. TKC is interesting/
relevant and has better connections
to the real world than hearne's
sloppy mess.

CG said...

KCC is different. Hearne wants it to be like his old column in the Star, local gossip and news. It is for the most part. He is the lead writer and the other guys fill in, simple. My style was a bit too aggressive for Hearne in the end, he wanted a calmer gentler site. He now has that. Tony was a bit more open minded and likes the heat I bring. Thats all. Different strokes for different readers. Simple Both sides win.

Tony has more Tony and lots of news stories, thats great. The well place girly photo's are a nice 'wow' to the events. Breaks the local and national news up for eye candy, most like that too.

I've had some wonderful feedback from readers as I believe Tony has as well...lets keep this rocket soon.

Anonymous said...

"My style was a bit too aggressive for Hearne in the end, he wanted a calmer gentler site."

Now that's hilarious, because Christopher quite clearly and publicly stated that he was kicking you out because you write like shit and he was tired of trying to turn your babble into English.

And when your writing doesn't meet Hearne Christopher's standards, you can't sink much lower.

Hell, he even published two unedited sumbissions from you to show his readers how hopeless you are.

Anonymous said...

+1000 @3:01

Anonymous said...

Hearne has a silver spoon up his
He can't write. He's out of the
loop. The top people in the city
won't talk with him.
He's limited to a few comments
and several writers who couldn't
write a column for the life of
He's got a bunch of old washed up
people on there.
Not one has done anything in the
last 5 years.
Now he's added some other over the
hill writers to try and spice
up his rather boring stupid blog.
He couldn't make it on his own
so lucky he had daddy's money or
he'd be like the rest of his
Sorry hearne. You're just another
old hack in the world. Nobody cares.

Anonymous said...

You're right. Hearne and his blog both suck.

But your hero wasn't even good enough for that.

Boy, toadies sure do have low standards.

Anonymous said...

If Vern Miller, who was paranoid and crazy as fuck, hired Glazer to do anything more than wash Miller's car, he was a crazier fuck than anyone knew.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you, Harley. Get some new material. If you hate Hearne so much keep your two faced ass here at TKC and stay off KCC. No one likes you anyway you J school fag drop out!
You're a fantasy livin has been who is about to get a big surprise. How's that poop smell every day?

Anonymous said...

Harley you're so stupid it has to hurt.

Anonymous said...

When you get back from Utah we gonna talk. Yeah, you can run but you can't hide.

Anonymous said...

craig glazer will keep telling anybody who will listen that 1. he is famous. the most famous person from kansas city ever. 2. that he is a major player with women. in fact he has no penis at all. the girls that go to dinner with him and do blow with him ALL laugh at him when they get away from him. its common knowledge really. they have been basically laughing behind his back and talking about his shortcummings for decades. fake hair no dick 60 years old. if you want attention you find a yuts hearne or tony to talk the same shit over and over and over and over again. really no one cares. and mr. glazer knows this. but he is 60 now and him thinking and telling everybody he is famous is going to work. NOT. so glaxe just keep on rambling and sing your same OLD song. it obviously kinda isnt working huh?

CG said...

Oh its worked well old son, I have slept with more beautiful women than most movie stars over and over and over, almost all of them come back over and over and over... I don't need to lie, I'm a living are like Smart Coward, a punk, a nobody, a nothing, a jealous little man nobody gives two craps dream of having had a life like mine, but time got past you punk. Now its over. I already won, I lived the life, and continue to do so...

So like Smart Coward, I always say, son you got something you want to talk to me about, I'm all about that, come see me in person. You won't you tremble in my shadow, you should you are a punk coward nothing. Me I'm a great man. End of this story. Bye.

Anonymous said...

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