Wednesday, February 20, 2013


TKC NOTE: In this thoughtful post our friend Craig Glazer notes that mobile phones and Internets communication don't offer a substitute for real human contact and might leave the millennial generation feeling  shortchanged. Check it:

Communication Breakdown

‘Communication Breakdown, It's always the same,
I'm having a nervous breakdown, Drive me insane!’

‘Are you talkin’ to me?’ (Looking in the mirror at himself) ‘Are you talkin’ to me? You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talking... you talking to me? Well I'm the only one here. Who the fuck do you think you're talking to? Oh yeah? OK.’

Everybody looks to point a finger at this one. What is to blame for all this violent crime and hate? The number one culprit, surely, is the long lasting bad economy. Too many bills and not enough money to keep up, income has stayed the same or gone down, but those bills just keep on getting bigger and bigger.

Young people have it really rough. A college degree with no profession attached usually means one of two jobs, bartender or wait staff. And if you are really lucky, you might wind up in a cubicle working on that new application for someone’s website. Oh, the excitement! I must admit all of the above is true.

However, maybe the silent, and larger, culprit is the lack of communication. We have lost the art of speaking to each other as human beings. Hell, in school today, no one writes anything. The cursive style of writing isn’t even taught at many schools these days. That’s right, all you need is block print so you can pound away on your cell phones and laptop computers. Nobody makes phone calls anymore, everything is texting. If you’re like me, single and dating younger women, you may as well not leave a voice mail message because they almost never check them. It’s text, text, text. People just don’t know how to talk to each other anymore. Why should they? Everything is texted or e-mailed to them. Who needs to mingle or meet people in a bar or social setting? You don’t, you’ve got Facebook! If you’re lucky, you may have several thousand pretend friends. True, a handful of these people are really folks you know, and maybe even care about…somewhat.

Most Facebook friends are picked because they have a cool picture, or they are someone you kind of know, or you just wanted to get those numbers into the thousands. One of the ladies I date comes over to my condo, gets on my laptop and bangs away for hours on Facebook telling me how important it is her friends get her latest pictures, or hear about her latest adventures or know her birthday party is Saturday night at the Yard House. She made it clear to me, she was not going to invite any of the men who gawked at her wild photos on Facebook, no sir, just her lady friends and one or two guys who she knew were her true friends and solid pals. It culminated in the following: this past Saturday at 8pm on her thirty somethingth-birthday she found herself totally alone at a large table inside Yard House. None of her pretend friends showed up. Tragically sad; things like this probably happen all too often with Facebook friends.

I know, I know, there are some good things about Facebook. It’s a great way to invite people you don’t know to a special event. Maybe you could even look up someone you knew back in the day, and rekindle a friendship from yesteryear. That happens. However, not often enough. Here’s what really happens. Young people that have now grown up with texting, laptops and on-line everything, can barely communicate outside of that milieu. Now comes the disconnect, loneliness and sometimes insanity that can lead to severe violence. In the end this internet lifestyle leads to feelings of despair and separation. Why? Most of it isn’t real, and much of what is real isn’t important anyway.

Last week Jimmy Walker in one of his shows gave a good example of the monster we know as texting and it went like this: (The following are all texts back and forth) THE GUY: *Snookie poo! Sugar Plum! Cookie Dough Breath! Round Bottom! Would you like to go with me to see Jimmy ‘JJ’ Walker on Valentine Night? I got two tickets!* THE GIRL: *Oh Pussy Cat Breath! Is it really him?* THE GUY: *It look like him!* THE GIRL: *You sure it’s the real JJ? THE GUY: *He a little older and fatter now, but yes it’s him!* THE GIRL: *DI-NO-MITE!*

Look people, you killin’ us players! If you aren’t going to hang out in bars and let us pick you up, then at least pick up and answer your God Damn phone!

‘Communication Breakdown, It's always the same,
I'm having a nervous breakdown, Drive me insane!’


Anonymous said...

I agree with Craig to a point but look how so many youngsters used their phones and got out information in the JJ's blast. That is impressive and it shows that they are willing to communicate to help.

Anonymous said...

I think Craig's writing improved on TKC's blog.

Anonymous said...

Point well taken. Thats the world today. Focused on nothing, doing nothing and writing about nothing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Craig either has a better editor or Hearne is a lazy lophead. Maybe both. I glance at KCC sometimes, lame, boring. You may not like Glazer but at least he is on it and exciting. Yeah, where's the sex stories Glazer?

Anonymous said...

The kids have their heads stuck in their phone. Most of them don't care about reality.

The ones who provided info about the fire were mostly adults.

Anonymous said...

I'll bite. So all you cell phone text freaks answer me this, Who burned down the Plaza?

Anonymous said...

Glazer is pissed they took his little phone away in the joint. Not too many babes in the clink, huh Glazer.

Mark said...

Taxi Driver. Some picture. Don't make those anymore do they.

chuck said...

Glaze, I love ya, but that is TOTAL FUCKIN BULLSHIT!!

African Americans commit 62% of murders in the US and make up 14% of the population.

I can, and will, if it is necesary, post urls from the US Dept of Justice, the FBI and Media sources which prove my point.


I love how recently, after the Sandy Hood slaughter, that the Prez, from fuckin Chicago, is initiating efforts to essentially take guns away from white people to stem the tide of AFRICAN AMERICAN CRIME.

What a goddamn fuckin joke.

The violent crime and hate crimes you mention are, in general, once again committed by 14% of the population.

Are we clear on this fuckin shit?

The recipe for further destruction of the social contract, which is now barely tenable, is to lie, to fuckin LIE about where the violence eminates from.

VIOLENCE IN THIS COUNTRY, WOULD BE DIMINISHED BY 60% if African American crime is taken out of the equation.

Trillions and trillions of dollars spent over the last 60 fuckin years, have gone down a fuckin civil rights rat hole and produced 3 generations of reprobates and filth.

I am ok with your admonission for better communication/

Makes sense to me.

Truthful communication is even better.

Anonymous said...

Chuck some good points, but not aimed at the story. Can you spell racist? I know Glazer does black girls, but oh the pain.

Anonymous said...

Chuck is once again showing his insanity and going off yard with his fake stats he doesn't really understand.

Now can we get some pussy stories Craig? The snow on JJ's fire are depressing.

Anonymous said...

Hey I think you ran off Super Dave. Too many pools to clean, huh Chuck. Is that what he really does? What a goul.

Anonymous said...

I can relate, my gal spends more time on her cell playing games than she does in bed. Major bummer.

chuck said...

Lets make sure we are clear.

"The number one culprit, surely, is the long lasting bad economy."


The number one culprit in good times and bad times, is, as it has always been, African Americans.

The HIP/HOP, glorified culture of mysogyny, violence, hate, assault, murder and rape, which is lionized to this fuckin MINUTE by African Americans everywhere is the major player in crime.

NOT the fuckin economy.



End of report.

Anonymous said...

So glazer; is texting the reason you turned to armed robbery and money laundering? Was it responsible for your violence? And on a more current note, how about the violence you wanted to conduct on "smartman" because of ya'lls written pissing match?

Also, I recommend you learn how to write yourself, especially since you self-proclaimed yourself "The Scribe".... Aren't your own standards ridiculously low?

chuck said...


You ignorant fuck.

Not only do I understand the stats, you will, after your daughter is raped and murdered by some shitheel fuck agree with me.

The chances of that happening, are minimal.

So, you fuckin cunt, can clink cocktail glasses with your liberal friends and tell me I don't understand the stats while thousands of victims are murdered, raped and assualted.

You only care about your family's short term future.

Thats cool.

You are the Neville Chamberlain of our time.

You are Quisling, you are a coward who only cares for the immediate future.

I get it.

I do take issue with your comment on my interpretation of the stats.

You are wrong, I got the fuckin stats down pat.

I also have personal experience, numerous personal experiences in conjunction with those stats.

Anonymous said...

Chuck is right its all the blacks. They have more throw away dope dealing cell phones than the Arabs! Chuck you are right on it, get rid of the bad blacks and America is crime free.

Anonymous said...

I think Glazer turned to crime to make money back in the day. Were cell phones invented yet? At guess at gunpoint he didn't need one.

chuck said...


You misspelled ghoul, but I like the insult.

Instead of calling me names, which is ok, explain why I am wrong.

Post the urls.

Tell us all why I am mistaken.

Gotta tell ya, I want so bad, so fuckin bad to be wrong.

Enlighten us all.

Kubaya my ass, make me a believer!!


Anonymous said...

Led Zeppelin was the best. There hasn't been a group like that since. Yeah it was better times.

chuck said...


The crime rate in America for Whites, is exactly the same as in Belgium.


Taking guns away form law abiding white people is all about CONTROL.


The changing demographics, coupled with the Federal government's hate of America is the suicide of this country.

Pat B.

Anti White hatred is cellular in this culture.

Look at this filth.

This is a mandatory class for the Dept of Agricuture.

Fucking disgusting.

chuck said...


One more time you fuckin cunt, show me stats I understand.

Help us all out.

Tell the victims, the families, the dead how wonderful diversity and multiculturalism is.

Go to fuckin Europe and tell the folks there how it is so great.

Fuck you you cunt cocksucker.

Fuck you you liar.

Anonymous said...

Chuck watch the language old salt. You have a bad day. We get it you hate blacks. Thats clear. Is that some or all of them?

chuck said...

I have to get up at 5 in the morning.

Just to make sure we are all in a Kumbaya mood----

Fuck you liars, get cancer in your fuckin eyes.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I thought Glazer was bad, now its 'bad chucky' the demon seed.

Anonymous said...

Chuck is wasted man. Wasted. Smarty says he is a boozer.

chuck said...


That is so fuckin stupid to say that.

It is os easy to assign emotion to a difference of opinion.




Quit lying.

Tell the truth.

Face the truth.

Fix the problem

Stupid fuckin idiots.

You are brain washed fuckin morons.



Fuck you dumbasses, I am going to bed.

I am doing the best I can for ya, but you are fuckin stupid.

See ya after work tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Glazer did you and Chuck meet in the joint. Figures, two crooks like peas in a pod.

Anonymous said...

Chuk doed mske me very uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

What's this "our friend" bullshit T? Glazer is a milquetoast douchebag wanker. He has the intellect and maturity of a 12 year old. He makes your girl Hoops look like,Camile Paglia.

Anonymous said...

Is this Chucks blog or Craigs? I'm getting so confused. At least Sniperdave has toned it down. Probably out of disgust with the sub-letting of TKC's rants to anybody with more ambition than him.

Suck A Big One Glazer said...

Her hips look perfect for handholds to bend her over and drive the pulsating 2" glazer into the cavernous yawning botello.

Anonymous said...

I wondered where the Glazer haters went. Knew they would show up.

The Real Harley said...

Glazer will defeat all comers.

Alpinista said...

Another decent post by Glazer. Another pointless, hysterical rant by Chuck. America's culture is, & always has been, violent. Its pathetic to blame it on the blacks & hip/hop. You want them to assimilate. I believe they have. They attempt to solve their problems with violence. That has always been America.

"I'd rather see you dead little girl, than to see you with another man." - Beatles.

"Down by the River, I shot my baby." - Neil Young.

"Hey Joe, where're going with that gun in your hand. Dig it, I'm going to down to shot my old lady." - Joe South.

"For $25 & pieces of silver. I held up & robbed a hard liquor store." - Paul Simon.

"There is a house in New Orleans. They call the Rising Sun. Its been the ruin of many a good boy & God I know I'm one." - Woody Guthrie.

The money Chuck refers to was not wasted. Many blacks have overcome the systematic & institutional racism that held them down for generations & are enjoying a standard of living that their grandparents could only dream of. You want to stop helping them, because they haven't risen fast enough to suit you. Your judging an entire race by holding up the worst of them as typical. But, you don't do that when talking about whites. You ignore the white mass shooters altogether. You cite Chicago: Yes, they had over 500 homicides in 2012, that's down from the 900 a year they had in the '90's. But, you talk about their murder rate as if it were a new high water mark. You want the violence to end? Then don't stop those very efforts that have had some success. Even if its not enough success, fast enough to suit you. Your rants serve no purpose. You need a new hobby. America is not heeding your call, but rather leaving you behind.

Anonymous said...

Another dumb post up by a black guy. Figures.

Alpinista said...

9:53 God you're fucking stupid.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Clazer is the undigested corn kernel in the TKC bowel movement.

While he adds a bit of texture and contrast, it's still shit.

Anonymous said...

See everyone is full of hate. True that.

Anonymous said...

What snow. Think I'll text everyone.

Anonymous said...

Chuck don't add any pills to that cocktail. Sweet dreams.

JdX said...

I gotta say it.

Glazer has got a point. And this is a nice change up from all the crap that TV news has been blasting all night.

Anonymous said...

Glazer had one point about the poor people who confuse Facebook "friends" with "friends." But his story about the poor lady friend who sat alone at some place on her birthday because none of her Facebook "friends" showed up had me rolling my eyes.

Only a lady who dates Glazer could be that dumb.

Now as far as new technology eroding communication skills, that's like saying the proliferation of guns erodes marksmanship.

Writing is a talent like all other talents. Some have it, some don't. What we have today with the proliferation of blogs and social media, is a lot of people who can't write now having many forums to put their lack of talent on public display. Like Glazer and "chuck."

And arguably, there are more people who express themselves well than at any other time in human history. And modern technology gives them the ability to get their ideas out to the world, even if they live in countries not blessed with a First Amendment.

It hasn't been that long ago when huge swaths of this nation were illiterate, 8th grade was considered a high level of education, and a high school diploma was a ticket to a solid future.

Anonymous said...


Chuck is nutz.

Glaser is not writing these posts folks, don't kid yourself.

Anonymous said...

Look at it this way. If chuck was doing his rants the old fashioned way on a street corner, you'd walk past.

Here, all you have to do is scroll past.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, walk on by and walk into this.

Anonymous said...

"Hell, in school today, no one writes anything. The cursive style of writing isn’t even taught at many schools these days."

Don't know where Glazer got this, but I can guess it's from the same place he gets all his "facts." But here is a story that may educate him, if that's possible.

I didn't take "typing" -- on a "qwerty" manual -- until I was in high school.

My kids began "keyboarding" in kindergarten. They were writing paragraphs in first grade. They were writing book reports by third grade. They were writing science reports by fifth grade.

In other words, they don't wait for a kid to learn cursive skills (taught in third grade when I was in school) before they teach a kid how to write.

And yes, Glazer. They still teach cursive. In EVERY school.

chuck said...


Total fuckin bullshit.


62% of ALL murders are committed by blacks. They make up 14% of the population.

The stats are even skewed by the Feds by limping in Hispanics with Whites so the differences are not so glaring.

Your a fuckin liar.

Or just to stupid to breathe.

Anonymous said...

Glazer doesn't write these. Chuck does.

Anonymous said...

Hey, these guys are assimilating well.

Nice work 9:50

Anonymous said...

Just this week!



Anonymous said...

Love that immigration stuff!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Long live Sickle Cell Anemia!!

Anonymous said...

The only good news of the day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chuck/glazer .... While you continue to rant about low writing standards, howzabout you learn the difference between "your" and "you're" , so you can catch up with my third grader?

BTW my boy is learning how to write in the lost language once known as "cursive", even though there is no longer an actual communicative need for this, any more than there is for the scores of other fonts I can choose with my popular word processing software.

Anonymous said...

The points you make are well taken sir. It will only get worse. People pretend this is all a good thing. When you can't talk or write except online I don't see the advantage. No time for anything or anyone.

Her hips look perfect for handholds to bend her over and drive the pulsating 2" glazer into the cavernous yawning botello. said...

Glazer is the venereal wart on the anus of Tonys blog.

Anonymous said...

I think there will always be a need to take notes with pen and paper, thus cursive will always be a useful thing to know. Unless you take shorthand.

But you do have a point. How ironic that Glazer lecture the world on communication skills.

Anonymous said...

Just an example of Glazer's poor communication skills:

"The number one culprit, surely, is the long lasting bad economy."

Followed by:

"However, maybe the silent, and larger, culprit is the lack of communication."

Excuse me, but how can another culprit be "larger" than the "surely" No. 1 culprit?

And if it's lack of precision in writing that Glazer laments, "large" should refer only to physical size. There are far better, and equally as common, words to use to describe degrees of culpability, including "greater."

Alpinista said...

Chuck, what did I say that was a lie? What did I say that was 'Bullshit' (your favorite word)?

Anonymous said...

Alpinista, that would be anything that disputes Adolf Chuck's simplistic worldview that one group is the cause of all the world's problems.

Anonymous said...

Craig writes quite well. Strong. Enjoy it very much. Keep up the entertainment Glazer.

Anonymous said...

"If you’re like me, single and dating younger women, you may as well not leave a voice mail message because they almost never check them. It’s text, text, text."

No, Glazer, your problem is that cell phones these days come with caller ID.

That's why these "younger women" don't answer when you call, and immediately delete the voicemail messages you leave.

And that's assuming they were dumb enough to give you their correct phone number to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Like Harley said another jealous fat guy who wishes he had Glazer's black book. Do they have those anymore? Ok on his phone directory, cell phone that is. Want some.

Anonymous said...

So why is Glazer whining that he can't get "younger women" to call him back if he is such a player?

Once again, an old fat guy trying to blame the world for the fact that he keeps striking out with women he can't rent by the hour.

David Freeland said...

I am one of the owners of the club Craig works out at in KC. Fat? The guy is in great shape. Trust me he has more young women than he needs. I never understand why so many of you want to hate on the guy. Must piss you off he has all this going on and seems you don't. Take Craig's advice work on yourself instead of hating him. Sounds like a plan.

Anonymous said...

I bet you tell all the fat fucks who work out in your gym how great they look.

Must be hell to have a job like yours with all that wrinkled ass you got to kiss.

david Freeland said...

Not really since you must live in a hole, our club is mostly people 25-45, we have over 3500 members, considered the nicest health and tennis club in the midwest. Craig has been a member for many years. He is well liked and a good guy. He often brings his girlfriends to the club to work out or swim. He used to bring his wife when he was married. All good people. We don't have many members over 50, some.

Anonymous said...

Woodside? Sorry, but I've played tennis in that shithole. Completely pretentious, unimpressive, under-equipped and enormously over-priced.

Hell, there are YMCAs that have more and look better than Woodside.

Anonymous said...

Woodside is nice.

Anonymous said...

chuck is the most
disgusting excuse for
a human being ever
Along with his short
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The little moving company
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Come on guys. KCC is
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Wilsone is one big blow
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Anonymous said...

Blacks are maggots. I have
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Anonymous said...

So Glazer comes over here and brings all the action. Hearne is stuck with no writers but him and the movie dude plus a couple guys from the comment section. Guess even with all the whacko crazies Glazer carries the ball on these sites. Whats up with Chuck? He's gone off the deep end.

Anonymous said...

Chuck is a disgusting man.
He is the low white scum that
people hate.
Like Glazer says: The losers
are the haters.
Have you seen this guy.
65 years old and looks 90.
Horrible man with a horrible

Anonymous said...

I counted no less than 25 of these comments that are simply Glazer doing an awful job of disuising himself. They're very staccato and look like this:

"Don't know why everyone hates on Glazer. Seems like a nice guy. Cool dude. Makes some good points.I guess everyone is jealous?"

And no, he doesn't write these stories. One of the managers at his club does. Fact.