Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chrissy Teigen & Kansas City Morning Links

Chrissy Teigen and her countryside bikini hotness starts this chilly morning in Kansas City.

Also, check this collection of mainstream media links to start the day . . .

- Taking The Internets Away From Cowtown Broads: Kansas City Lady Digital Detox

- Speculating On The Cheaper Choice For Stingy Front Office: Kansas City Chiefs' four options for No. 1

- Rock Chalk Plans Scaled Back: Kansas lawmakers cut $10M for KU Med Center project

- Mainstream Media Name Spoofing: Craigslist scam has no ties to FOX 4

- Education Bump Across The State Line: Kansas House committee backs slight increase in school funding

- Teaching About Begging: Expert offers alternative to fundraising madness

- Show-Me Pushback Against Po'Folk: Jay Nixon seeks repeal of Missouri tax credit for low-income renters

- Fewer Rules In The Sunflower State: Kansas House approves telecom deregulation bill

- Lesson In Growing Northland Numbers: : NKC district mulls expansion possibilities

- Barb Shelly Celebrates The Lower-Middle-Class: Wal-Mart moms a potent, frustrated force

1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

Barb Shelley hasn't made a barb smelly in a long, long time.

That could be a large part of her problem.