Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kelly Brook And Kansas City Early Links!!!

Kelly Brook continues to impress and every lingerie photo set featuring the Brit babe seems to get better . . .

Similarly, here's the Kansas City mainstream media links we're starting out day with . . .

- Kansas City Perv Chase: Man Charged with Child Molestation on the Run

- City Hall Round-Up: City Council acts on Kansas City Museum, FOP, health tax

- Kansas City Hobo Camp Crackdown Round-up

- Helling Wonders: Who's Really In Charge?!? . . . And kinda hints at a few upcoming topics.

- Westport late night snacks: Up all night with Sosa's and Huddle House

- An American Prayer: Pastor from Leawood has advice for D.C. audience: 'Be one nation'

- Crime Spike In Clay County Leads To Sheriff's Dept. Hiring Spree

- Typical Rock Chalk Victory Over Rivals: KU holds off Kansas State in Manhattan

- Sunflower State Stays Connected: Kansas health care network connects to electronic systems in Missouri, Nebraska

- Show-Me abandonment: Ga. workers say they were abandoned in Missouri, plan to sue

- Legal move: Lawyer wants attorney general removed from Missouri murder case

- Central Standard Keeps It Interesting: The State of the Black Economy


Anonymous said...

When the hell are you going to get a new look here instead of having to scroll down this dinosaur template. You must be one lazy assed son of a bitch.

Anonymous said...

The Pastor from Leawood can eat of load of shit out of a rabid dogs asshole and then smile for the camera while a Black Panther fills his rectum with HIV-laden monkey batter.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a flying fuck about the "black economy"?? In fact, who gives a flying fuck about NIGGERS?

Anonymous said...

I see the scumbags are up early.

Anonymous said...

KB Toys....Kelly Brook is toying with us.

Anonymous said...

"Black Economy" = Welfare, Mugging, Armed Robbery, Pimping, Dope Dealing