Monday, January 21, 2013

Kansas City Lawyer Hiring Questions

All things are not equal but Uncommon Courage provides a good starting point when it comes to hiring a Kansas City lawyer: SHOULD I HIRE A FEMALE LAWYER?


chuck said...

I don't agree with this lady on anything.

But, this.

I have always had more success with femaole prfessionals than male professionals.

Lawyers, dentists, doctors of all stripe etc etc.

Girls listen to what you are saying and empathize better. They take more time, go slower and assess all the varialbles.

This has just been my experience and is my opinion, but it ain't even close.

Female professionals are the way to get a better bang for your buck.

Don't go there.

Orphan of the Road said...

I agree chuck. My buddy in Philadelphia had a mixed marriage, he was Irish and his wife was Italian.

She quit her job and went to work for much less money in an attempt to get a better settlement. His lawyer got the judge to order her to return to her field of work (nursing) rather than a minimum wage job.

His wife's male attorney was beaten like a rented mule on every issue.

You do have to watch it though as many women in business (at least from my generation) got their positions because they assumed the position readily.

chuck said...

Yeah, I accidentally hired a female lawyer (Long story) back in the 80s. She was baddddassss.

So, then I thought I would try and get female doctors, dentists etc etc (By the way, my female eye doctor is named Chang, god is she hot and does a great job.) and they always do a great job.

It is what it is.

Byron said...

If I need a ditch dug, I'll hire a man. For anything else, I'll hire a woman. Women are simply better people than men.

Anonymous said...

Maybe when compared to "men" like you, Byron.