Monday, January 21, 2013


It's a fact of life that the ownership of The Kansas City Chiefs don't want to spend money to win.

It's not a question of "money ball" but a basic greed that has set the stage for more than a generation of mediocrity from The Kansas Chiefs. Sadly, this cheapskate approach to football has become so commonplace that fans often attempt to adjust their expectations from the team accordingly.

Example . . .

Cost-Effective Moves the Kansas City Chiefs Can Make This Offseason

Like or not, as long as the Chiefs decide to make the draft and the off-season for discount shopping . . . Nothing is really going to change.


Anonymous said...

Spent all the money on coaches so none left for decent players

Anonymous said...

If they do not get an O Line from somewhere, turn out the lights and lock the door as you leave Andy.

Anonymous said...

Andy, don't sign any long term leases....You won't last here and neither will the stinking Chiefs. In fact, take em with you!

Orphan of the Road said...

Andy Reid came from an organization which defined staying under the cap. Sometimes $15-million or more. Don't confuse spending money on free agents with success (Dan Snyder is the anti-Joe Banner).

The only two great offensive lineman Andy ever got were through free agency. He did find serviceable linemen in the draft but no studs.

And linebackers and safeties aren't his forte' either. He let Brian Dawkins go and was never able to replace him.

If Bob Sutton turns out to be anywhere as good as Jim Johnson was, the team may be OK.

Finding a QB will be the biggest challenge. Don't be surprised to see Jeff Garcia rise from the ashes..

Anonymous said...

Garcia is 42! He will be surprised to see himself rise from the ashes.

Orphan of the Road said...

True, 12:51 but he would be cheap, he would certainly be no worse than what the Chiefs have put on the field the last six-years.

If Reid finds his QB in this draft, he won't start him. Pederson stunk the place up for six games before McNab got a whiff of the field.

And also 12:51, stop bringing logic and reason into this discussion.