Saturday, December 08, 2012

Cruel Deer Hunting Kills Humans Too!!!

The more time passes, I'm starting to think that deer hunting is simply a cruel pastime that's really just another manifestation of this culture of death that has consumed Americans.

Here's another example of the cycle of violence . . .

Missouri firearms deer season results in four deaths

Perspective . . . Kansas City rap music concerts have been rather peaceful as of late and present far less danger than roaming around the woods in the firing line of a bunch of drunk hunters wearing stupid clothes . . . And for the record, overalls are a fashion choice that's every bit as deplorable as saggy pants.


Anonymous said...

Get real Tony.

Try getting out of the basement once in a while.

Superdave said...

And deer kill how many running across the roads in front of people every year?

Just think how many would be running around if they wasn't hunted a little each year.

Anonymous said...



Come on Tony. You can borrow one of my rifles and I'll show you how to humanely take down a deer.

Think of all the venison tacos you can make for your buds.

Orphan of the Road said...

Have you seen an orthopedic specialist about those knee-jerk reactions?

So getting your animal protein in a shrink-wrapped polystyrene tray is morally superior?

When I'm King of the World, you'll only have meat to eat if you participate in its production.

The money which pays for most environmental projects comes from the sale of hunting & fishing licenses.

The Great-White_Hunter BS comes from state legislatures hunger for those out-of-state fees.

That is why most conservation practices supported by real hunters are not instituted.

For example, the focus is on taking a trophy buck. That does little to control the size of the herd. The does need culling more than the bucks. The over-abundance of does assures all bucks get to mate.

Anonymous said...

The over-abundance of Hoes assures all bucks get to mate as well.

Anonymous said...

Deer tamales for TKC!

Anonymous said...


Great idea.

What time does Los Corrals open?

Anonymous said...

See tony...mention anything negative about guns...and the gun nuts come out of the woodwork. I bet one of them is your n word friend!

Actually, I do give credit to the guy who reminds us they prune the herd...far too many of them stroll across highways at night. I see one or more almost every evening I'm out. We hit one once, my bro in law recently. It's a problem.

As much as you lament about murders, I'm not surprised you don't like guns, or at least handguns and the punks who carry them around in case they get themselves into trouble. I do too....yet, guns do have their uses.

Do you think one day we'll be at war with DHS?

Sheriff Andy Taylor said...

Ohhhh Aunt Bee use to make a deer pie that would bring tears to your eyes it was soooooooooo good.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off city boys and veggi-bitches. Nobody in the real world gives a fat shit what you think.

Anonymous said...

It's not that far too many of them are strolling across the highways at night. Humans are encroaching on the animals' territory and too many highways, new housing additions and urban sprawl in general have left these poor animals with no place to go other than in town with man.
Meat is murder! Stop killing them for heads to hang on walls. And to think, we call them animals.

Anonymous said...

Why can't they move the deer crossing signs to a less congested site. Especially within the city limits, let them cross the road outside the city limits-it's safer for all concerned. Lol.

Anonymous said...

hey tony your hispanic race has some indian in it so what the hell do you think they ate to survive. plus deer meat is alot leaner and better for you .