Monday, November 26, 2012


There is conflict brewing between Kansas City teachers VS. administrators in Kansas City Public Schools.

To wit . . .


And so that Teachers Union has responded with this e-mail blast . . . Let's start with the opening message from the Union Prez.

This e-mail blast really offers an interesting perspective on life in local classrooms and signals that all is not well between teachers and administrators in Kansas City Public Schools. 

Kansas City Federation Of Teachers & School-Related Personnel, Local 691

Dear ***********************,

No one thinks it will happen to them, and then it does.

During this last week alone (a two-day week) 5 members were displaced and are now being investigated. All are good people in situations that will probably result with the accusations being unfounded. But it is a very frightening situation in which to find yourself - especially when you know that you have done nothing wrong. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is important that you know your rights.

With the unprecedented number of hotlines/investigations this year, I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to read the information below carefully.

In Solidarity,

Andrea Flinders

Kansas City Federation of Teachers & School-Related Personnel

Now onto the rules . . .


Take a peek:

You Are Asked to Write A Statement


I cannot say this enough times. Even when you know that you have done nothing wrong, how you say something can come back to haunt you. Simply tell the administrator or district official that you will get it to them as soon as it as been reviewed by the union.

You Are Called Into a Meeting

If you are called into a meeting, you have the right to ask the reason for the meeting. If the meeting is disciplinary or may lead to discipline, you have the right to be given the opportunity to arrange for representation prior to the start of the meeting.

Call the union office at #######.

Do not provide a written statement. Tell the administrator you will get it to them as soon as it as been reviewed by the union.

If you are refused the opportunity for representation and are directed to attend the meeting, don't be insubordinate, but do the following:

Take notes.

Answer all questions with the following statement: "I will be glad to answer that question as soon as my union representative is here".

If, when you call the union office, a union rep is not available, the meeting can be rescheduled. Our contract allows 48 hours to have the meeting if a representative is not available.

You Are Told To Report Downtown to Human Capital Management

If you are told to report downtown to Human Capital Management, call the union office immediately, and one of us will meet you there. Here's what usually happens when you report downtown:

There will probably be no discussion of the charges. That will take place at a later date.

The district will give you a letter that says you are being displaced with pay until an investigation is completed.

The letter will say that you are not to contact any students or district employees (other than the HR Director) or attend any district activities. It is critical that you do not talk to anyone other than your union representative and/or union lawyer about your situation.

Do Not Leave Any Child Unattended

Don't let your students out of eyesight. The district is now requiring that no child should ever be out of sight of an adult. You cannot send them to the office/nurse's office/bathroom alone or with another student.

I realize that some schools are not following these guidelines, but please be careful. If there is an incident when the child is unsupervised, you could find yourself in trouble.

Emails & Computer Use

Do not use the District's email system (Outlook) for union or personal business. Please use your personal email account.

Do not use District computers for any personal business. Employees may be disciplined or terminated for violating the district's technology policies and procedures.

Nothing on a district computer is private. Click here to see the district's technology policy.

Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Do not post on Facebook or other social media during work hours!

Be very careful with what you post online at any time.

Facebook photos - Missouri tenure law allows for a teacher to be terminated for immoral conduct, which can include suggestive photos online.

Blogs/Posts/etc.: Courts have ruled that schools can regulate off-campus speech if such speech can be demonstrated to have an adverse impact on the school.

Teachers and other school staff have been dismissed and/or suspended because of the content on their social networking sites. AFT has posted the following articles to assist members in knowing their rights:Your Rights, Limit Your Riskand Ripped from the Headlines.

Do not use the District's email system (Outlook) for union or personal business. Please use your personal email account.

Do not use District computers for any personal business. Employees may be disciplined or terminated for violating the district's technology policies and procedures.

Nothing on a district computer is private. Click here to see the district's technology policy.

Do I Break Up a Fight Between Students?

If you are not a trained Security officer do not try to break up a fight between students. Call the office immediately, and try to keep other students safe.

Restraint - Hands Off

Do not attempt to restrain a student who is out of control unless the student is in danger of hurting himself/herself or another student. Call the office immediately. If necessary, remove the other students from the classroom. Write up the incident as soon as possible.

If a student wants to leave the classroom, let him/her go. Do not block the way. Call the office immediately and send a follow-up email to administration.

Keep physical contact with your students at a minimum. One teacher was called into a meeting this year because she touched a child's wrist to get the student to stop playing with her bracelet.

Pointers and Yardsticks - Although they can have a place in the classroom, discontinuing their use will decrease your chance of being the subject of a hotline call.

Long fingernails? Be especially careful if you have long nails that could easily, but unintentionally, scratch a student.

Never Take A Child Anywhere In Your Car

Never transport a child in your car. Don't invite students to your home. A teacher's good intentions to help a student can go terribly wrong in these situations. Don't put yourself in a position where you can be falsely accused of something or held liable.

Watch Your Language

Keep in mind that there are times when staff members are hotlined or referred to a district investigation for inappropriate use of language.

You Are A Mandated Reporter

In Missouri, if you have "reasonable cause to believe" a child is being abused or neglected you must report that suspicion to the state Department of Children's Services or law enforcement - and you are required by law to do it immediately.

Click here for a brief review of the law or click here for the complete guide of Missouri's Guidelines for Mandated Reporters.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. FERPA gives parents certain rights with respect to their children's education records.

Generally, schools must have written permission from the parent or eligible student in order to release any information from a student's education record.

Click here to become more familiar about FERPA regulations.

Legal Representation

Our Union lawyers are the best in the area when it comes to dealing with hotlines and district investigations. A single visit with one of our lawyers could cost a non-member over $1,000 - much more than a year's worth of union dues. As a Union member, you have access to their services at no cost if you ever find yourself displaced and in need of legal protection.


If you are hotlined or being investigated by the District:

Call the Union Office immediately - (816) ########.

Do not provide any statement in writing until after you have consulted with your Union representative/Union attorney.

Do not discuss the events of the allegations with anyone.

Try to recall any events regarding the situation - for preparation for interview with the DFS/District investigator.

Ask for Union representation when asked to meet with the administrator..

Our Union attorney will be there for you and will schedule an interview with the DFS/District investigator.


Anonymous said...

Takeover talk starts again.

Anonymous said...

This is basically just the union reminding its member of their employee Miranda rights. Nothing more.

Undefined is the nature of the alleged crackdown and any specifics about what's up, if anything.

Anonymous said...

This is standard due process for employees. The Union is explaining the teachers Weingarten Rights ( a ruling that ensures a member has representation when management is considering disciplinary action). Standard and routine advice from the Union to its dues paying members. Nothing out of line here. If the district has the goods on the teacher the Union being present just ensure all things are done right.

Due process is important to the point we give accused defendents a free lawyer.

A lot of hype here but no real story for those who believe in our constitution and due process.

C said...

I am thinking Airick spends to too much time trying to talk "breeding age" White women into attending his hot tub parties organized by friends just outside of town? He seems to be a little behind in his work. Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

8:17 am you got it right. I kept thinking he wasn't in this for the kids sake.

I wonder if Bonzo Alonzo is invited or does he have his own bevy of conned young white coal burners.

Anonymous said...

Blah, Blah, Blah...


Anonymous said...

As long as none of the " adults" involved with the KCPS ever breaks the rule that they should be more interested in themselves than in teaching young people anything, we'll all be fine.
We're well on our way to yet another group of thousands of teenagers "graduating" without the most basic skills to become employed.
And all the PR fluff, mayor's reading programs, and other nonsense can't hide that fact.
The hole just keep getting deeper.

Anonymous said...

It is not about the "scholaars" it is all about Airick's access to moms in the district. He smooth talks them into doing "something secret." Airick, you have been scared to death that someone would talk ..... Well.

Anonymous said...

Times have changed. Back in the late '70s, I used to borrow teachers' cars to skip out of class for lunch on the town.

Anonymous said...

this is really good information for teachers to review, in case they have forgotten. I don't see it as us against them, just good labor practices.

Anonymous said...

9:16 AM that continued on into the early 80s as well. Ah the good ol' days.

But a lot of the problems in the KC school district are the families of the children. Many are chaotic and have not made learning a priority for their children. A lot of the parents had trouble in school and just don't trust it or care about it.

So when a teacher tries to correct little Johnny they hit the roof and allege all sorts of things. Everyone wants to be the center of the universe now days. Too much reality TV.

Jim said...

In 1974, one of my teachers loaned me her car to go pick up some materials for a tournament that my school was hosting. My, how things have changed.

Anonymous said...

For crying out loud! Missouri is not a right to work state, but they sell out their civilian workforce while forcing the taxpayers to subsidize shit like this? I am so freaking happy that my property taxes go to support a union that is out to milk the shit out of the local government while the protesting Walmart workers are played out like they are villains?

Anonymous said...

What in the fuck are you talking about? All the union is doing is reminding teachers that they have the right to due process. That's a foundational tenant of American Jurisprudence and one of the cornerstones of trade unionism. It does nothing but protect workers from unfairly being targeted of disciplined by their employers. Get a fucking grip. Jesus, we need to teach labor studies and civics in high school.

Anonymous said...

So what is the crackdown? Much ado about nothing--just reminding their members of a service.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

you need to worry about the grifters, cons, scams, minstrel shines on the school board. Airwick is runnin he lip but nothing else. Airwick is a poor man's Alonzo. Both pathetic wannabe lookin for public money action losers.

There is your story not the Union trying to do its job for its members.

Anonymous said...

Unions are a cancer.
Teachers unions are the plague, cancer, and AIDS all rolled into one.

Anonymous said...

Anybody catch this in the memo:

During this last week alone (a two-day week) 5 members were displaced and are now being investigated.

Sounds like a crack down to me.

JDS said...

Hey asshole, this is TKC, nobody reads shit here. Not even Tony.


Anonymous said...

I guess the school board is already off for the day and don't want to try and talk down this story.

Anonymous said...

Any consequences for filing a false report?

Anonymous said...

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