Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Sen. Claire stays winning against a candidate with very legitimate problems.

Gov. Jay beats down Dave Spence.

Chris Koster trounces Ed Martin.

Clint Zweifel holds on . . .

Jason Kander earns the Secretary Of State Office with REALLY close contest.

So . . . That's 4/5 . . . Maybe the State isn't as "red" as we thought . . . Then again, we haven't talked about the veto proof majority.

More later . . .

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Anonymous said...

Overall, I'm really not too surprised with the results of this election. The most disappointing issue I found with the candidates was one of a local interest.
As I was voting, I flipped the page to the Jackson County Prosecutor and saw that Jean Peters Baker was running unopposed. Jesus, does no other attorney want this job!?! She is an absolute idiot and has about as much value as a shit flavored lolli pop! My stomach was in knots at the thought of having to submit probable cause affidavits to her. With a prosecutor like Baker, overcrowded prisons will never be an issue.
Well, that's enough said. I'm going to get started on studying for the LSAT. I'm planning to go to law school so I can run for the prosecutor's office in 2016. If Jean I'm A Dip Shit Baker can do it, hell anyone can.