Sunday, November 18, 2012


Kansas City Star columnist Lewis Diuguid provides background on talk of urban core renewal, juxtaposes the idea with other eco-devo work and hopes for "urban pioneers" to start new efforts with some financial help: Seed-money surge could rebuild the inner city


Anonymous said...

Noboy's going to build anyting, and certainly not with their own money, in a part of town that has the levels of crime, violence, and homicides of the east side. When churches have their airconditioners ripped up for the copper, two year-olds are shot in their own houses, and at least two homicdes take place every week of the year, it's pretty obvious that the first thing that needs doing is to roll up the thugs and help the good residents to have a safer community.
You can pour all the money in the world into what's there now and nothing's going to change.
In fact, add up all the money that's ALREADY been spent on "economic development" east of Troost and see what you have.
Save old tired ideas from the same old folks making very good livings at other people's expense.

Anonymous said...

Just keep throwing money at the NIGGERS and hope they'll behave and act like humans. Well, it ain't gonna happen. They'll take the money, buy Cadillacs and keep on with the monkeyshines and murder... Who's the dumb ass here?

Anonymous said...

Ignorant,.racist white trash has spoken! Anybody else want to contribute?

chuck said...

The first paragraph in Mr. Duiguid's column.

"For 50 years, billions of dollars have seeded farm fields, growing new homes, businesses and shopping centers in the Northland, Johnson County and eastern Jackson County. At the same time the inner-city’s housing, population and commerce have decayed."

As if there hasn't been Trillions, not a billion, but TRILLIONS of dollars poured down the social engineering rat hole initiatives that have galactically FAILED to accomplish ANYTHING other than Citadel type fiascos where shithell fucks whose only required bona fides are the ability to articulate the word "Racist" are in charge of monies EVERYONE with room temp IQ knows will be squandered in perfidy, legerdemain and white guilt.

Gimme a fuckin break.

Superdave said...

I guess nobody reads history anymore. If they did they would know all the hair brain ways to rebuild the inner city have failed.

You can rebuild it when they don't care and idiot activist such as Byron keep opening their mouths.

Inner city needs all funding removed, drug testing for welfare money, all kids have to be in school and harsher sentences for those who think crime is the answer, then you might start to see inner city improvement take place.

Till then idiots like Byron and Lewis need to face reality and shut up about that which they have no clue about.

Anonymous said...

Good point, Chuck.

Anonymous said...

Didn't we try this by pouring cash totaling nearing two billion into the KCMO schools over many years, building palatial facilities with TV stations, Olympic swimming pools, bringing in Russian fencing coaches, etc., only to have the district continue to fail, and finally lose accreditation? How is money the answer when past experience shows its not?

Lewis's article reminds me of the video I saw of the black woman in a Northern city (perhaps Detroit?) dancing for joy over "free Obama money". A cultural shift and total mental makeover is needed. Throwing cash at a segment of society that places no value on how people earn that cash is a worthless effort.

Byron said...

Awe, you were thinking of me ... how nice. The electorate has rejected racism.

Anonymous said...

How man millions were poured into the KC School district over the last 30 years. What did that money purchase. Oh wait. We got a discredited school district from local control and millions in governemtn money. I guess someone has done the research to suggest millions in the urban core would revitalize the neighborhood, teach a sence of decency and responsibility to the residents, uplift their social standing, stop murders and drug use and make the community civilized and productive. Can we see the data from this researched plan to bring results for the money invested.

Now go ahead and call me Racist. That is the drug user, rat infested cockroach brain refuge. I as well as more and more whites are used to being called racists for tellin the truth about the majority of the AfroAmerican communtiy.

Anonymous said...

Actually the first area Duiguid is writing about (9th to 55th Troost to Indiana) have improved a great deal the past few years. And he has an excellent point about how tax dollars are used as incentives for middle class goodies.

I usually think he's a twit that has lost too many brain cells to cancer, but this piece has some merit.

Anonymous said...

Machine gun nests, towers and armed patrols would be a good place to invest money in that part of the city.

Anonymous said...

Byron, trust me, no one was thinking of you.