Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Yarmulke For The Kansas City Royals Faithful

Watching baseball in Kansas City takes a special kind of faith.

Thanks to TKC Readers who sent us this link to gear for the Royals faithful.

Check the deets on this Kansas City Royals yarmulke . . .

Kansas City Royals Pro-Kippah

A few facts . . .

"PRO-KIPPAH™ is an offically licensed product by Major League Baseball.

"It features a patent pending, built-in clipping system that grips firmly, yet comfortably allowing for a superior fit."

Because it's not all about politics here on TKC and this bit of sports branding actually seems kinda cool or maybe something to get your nephews for the holidays . . . Much nicer than the carton of smokes they distribute at the Bender household.


Anonymous said...

Jews have way more self respect than to wear a Royals kippah around town.

Anonymous said...

True dat.